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Reviewing restaurants as they open is kind of my schtick, although I’ll occasionally review in a series. If you know of a joint I should review or would like for me to review your restaurant, e-mail me at .

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A series from the summer of 2010, reviewing every barbecue restaurant in Alpharetta, Milton and south Forsyth. Also read my kickoff article and final thoughts. In ranked order they were:

  1. ‘Cue – Milton
  2. Dottie’s Delight/Bad Wolf – South Forsyth (closed)
  3. Smokejack – Alpharetta
  4. Jim N Nicks – The Avenue Forsyth
  5. Pig N Chik (Closed)
  6. Slopes – Midway, South Forsyth
  7. Dickey’s – Milton
  8. One Star (Closed)
  9. Woody’s – North Point (closed)

Thinly Reviewed Restaurants

An ongoing series on restaurants that are thinly reviewed or otherwise fly under the radar.

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