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Roots in Alpharetta in Print Media

I’m excited to announce something new this week on Roots in Alpharetta. I’ve reached an agreement with the Appen Newspapers to have some of my work reprinted. Starting this week look for selected Roots in Alpharetta articles to appear in the Revue & News and on their website at We’re still working out details on how frequently my contributions will appear.

Many thanks to publisher Ray Appen for the opportunity to write in his newspaper. I hope the broader audience will become better acquainted with Alpharetta’s blogging community (not just my own blog). And if you’re new to my blog, welcome! Take a look around and be sure to visit the blogs I mention on the right side in my blog roll.

North Fulton Blogging

Many thanks to Joan Durbin and the Neighbor Newspapers for their feature article today on North Fulton blogging. I’m fortunate to be included in a great group of bloggers including Bob Strader of Live in Alpharetta, Jim Gilvin and Jennifer Liang over at Northside Food. If you’re not familiar with these bloggers, you owe it to yourself to read and subscribe to their work.

If you’re new to Roots in Alpharetta, welcome! I encourage you to poke around my modest little blog. Feel free to join the discussion via comments, connecting on twitter (@rootsalpharetta) or e-mail at

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