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Where was The Joneses Filmed in Alpharetta?

I recently had a conversation with someone about the movie industry in Georgia. I was surprised to learn that he wasn’t aware of The Joneses and its filming locations in and near Alpharetta. The movie has been released to DVD and is showing on cable television quite a lot now. I thought I would write in more detail about the filming locations and other interesting tidbits surrounding stars Demi Moore and David Duchovny. It’s worth noting that some filming took place in Spokane, Washington which I won’t cover. Also check out my review of the film.

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The Manor Golf & Country Club

The fictions family lives in a home in this upscale Milton neighborhood. Scenes from inside the home were in the house itself, not a studio. There are also several scenes within the Manor neighborhood.

Muse Salon and Spa

Located on Kimball Bridge Road in Alpharetta, this upscale salon was where Demi Moore’s character is seen early in the movie. Muse staff get some decent time in front of the camera. But more than that, Muse got a ton of publicity while filming took place.

Atlanta National Golf Club

David Duchovny’s character hits the links a lot in the movie while peddling his upscale products. Atlanta National is one of the courses he picks (another is in Spokane). Watch for the beautiful clubhouse.

Pampas Steakhouse

I didn’t place it at first, but there is a scene late in the movie where they are dining in a very nice, candle-lit restaurant. Pampas on State Bridge Road is that restaurant.

Calton J. Kell High School – Marietta

Not exactly in the Alpharetta but it’s still somewhat local. All high school scenes were shot at this school in Marietta.

Downtown Alpharetta

…Specifically the intersection of Milton Avenue and Canton Street. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there is a car crash filmed at this intersection. You can clearly see The Corner Deli in the background after the cars come to rest. I asked Mel Siegel about the movie and he told me they spent the better part of a day getting the scene just right. He said they kept the restaurant open late to feed those involved with the movie.

Demi Moore’s Rental Home

During the filming of The Joneses, Demi Moore rented an entire house to live in. The home is located just off McGinnis Ferry Road. It was listed for sale and sold around the same time the movie hit theaters. The listing agent certainly played up the Demi Moore aspect of the home as you can see in this webpage. No filming took place at this location.

Real Housewives Making Cameos

How fitting is this? ShereƩ Whitfield and Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta both make brief cameos in the movie. Zolciak is pretty easy to spot during a house party standing next to David Duchovny.

The Joneses – My Review

I finally got to see Alpharetta’s new movie, The Joneses. Being somewhat rootless, it is hard for the wife and me to find a sitter and get away for a movie without the kids. But alas we did yesterday. All in all, I was disappointed in the flick. Here’s what I thought…


As of a week after the release, there is only one theater in all of Alpharetta and Cumming that is showing the movie. I was shocked. The UA/Regal North Point is it. That should have been a sign.

Alpharetta Sightings

If you’re going just for sights of our little suburb, you’ll be disappointed. I think most of the twenty or so people in our showing were there for that reason. Every single person stayed for the closing credits. How often does that happen? There are not many Alpharetta sights to see. Never do you see them cruising down North Point or Windward. For a complete list of Alpharetta area filming locations, see this post.

Review of the Movie

So how did I like the movie? In a word, I thought it sucked. With such a broad topic (consumerism in the burbs), they could have gone in many directions. They seemed focused on this fake family and not so much on the neighbors and their attempts to keep up. The plot developed slowly until the point where their imaginary world started to unravel. At that point the writers tried to touch on way too many topics in a short time, such as teen drinking, infidelity, consumer debt, foreclosures, closeted homosexuality, etc. I’m not a film critic by any means but it all left a lot to be desired. The writing sucked and wasn’t funny or dramatic. The camera work was marginal and inexperienced.

I suppose I expected a lot more. It was more about the fake family living together and the awkward situations that created. There was some romantic tension between David Duchovny and Demi Moore who were essentially co-workers, yet living together as husband and wife. That part of the movie was alright. But if you’re looking for a well-written and dramatic commentary on runaway consumerism, you won’t find it with this movie.

Save your money and skip this movie. I predict it’ll be on cable television shortly… just without the Amber Heard topless scene (yes, she gets neekid in this one).

Alpharetta in Pop Culture

The release of the movie The Joneses has brought Alpharetta some attention recently. It got me thinking about how our area is portrayed in movies and popular culture. I started making a list of movies and TV shows that were filmed here or other northern burbs of Atlanta. Here’s what I came up with. I figured there would be more to this, but I can’t think of anything else. Add a comment if you know of a movie or TV show I’ve missed.

The Joneses

I wrote about this last week but still haven’t seen the flick. The neighborhood shots are from The Manor in Milton. There were other on-location scenes that I hope to write about.

Celebrity Residences

Alpharetta and Johns Creek are home to an above-average number of celebrities, mostly from professional sports and the R&B music scene. This is probably a topic I could take up in a post of its own. Our local celebs want to live as quiet a life as they can, and thus pick neighborhoods like Country Club of the South. For the most part they stay out of sight except for…

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

These misfits lived in Country Club of the South back in the early 2000′s. In 2005 they had a reality show on Bravo called Being Bobby Brown. I didn’t watch much of it, but I remember seeing some local haunts. But what got Alpharetta into the news was Bobby’s trouble with the law. Remember when he hit Whitney and was brought before Fulton County court? Or what about the time he was arrested while eating at Atlantic Seafood in Alpharetta? This all made national news back in the day. Were you shocked when this marriage ended in divorce? Hardly. Today Bobby and Whitney are long gone from Alpharetta but they left their mark.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

This show proves that there is very little ‘real’ about reality shows. I also didn’t watch a lot of this glorified soap opera. I guess you could split hairs and say this isn’t about Alpharetta. But nearly every one of these women lived in the northern burbs in places like Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Sugarloaf in Duluth, The Manor in Milton, and St. Marlo in south Forsyth.

Good Eats – Alton Brown

Now here’s a show I watch! Alton Brown lives in Cobb County and films his Food Network show locally. It is fairly common for him to film grocery store scenes in places like Harry’s on Hembree Road or various Kroger locations in Alpharetta. He’s filmed episodes in places like the In Your Dreams horse farm in Milton and the Art Institute in Dunwoody.

The Joneses to Open Next Week

Alpharetta is set to make its debut on the silver screen. Roll out the red carpet. Are you ready? And what better way for this to happen than with a movie about materialism and keeping up with the Joneses? Can this play any better with my blog’s theme? I love it!

This movie starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore was filmed all over Alpharetta almost a year and a half ago. I’m surprised it took them this long to finally open. But nonetheless it is here. The premise is that Duchovny and Moore are new neighbors in a posh gated community in the burbs. But looks are deceiving. They are really slick marketeers trying to sell high-end merchandise and toys to the affluent locals. The story sounds interesting and strangely believable. You can read reviews for the movie here or check out the trailer.

The neighborhood shots were filmed at The Manor Golf and Country Club in Milton. This neighborhood is no stranger to pop culture. One of the Real Housewives of Atlanta lives here. There were also scenes filmed at Muse Hair Salon in Alpharetta. Muse got a lot of publicity out of this, something which I’m sure will make for good business in the future.

I can’t wait to see the movie and pick out other locations around town. And while Alpharetta will be duly proud of its new movie stardom, will the joke actually be on us?

The Joneses opens on Friday, April 16th at a theater near you. Look for me there. I’ll be the one driving the new BMW (yeah I wish).

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