Top 10 Alpharetta restaurants that aren’t in Alpharetta

I’m a stickler for geography. You’ve gotta be when there’s geography in your blog name.

It took only one instance of a blog reader busting my chops to be this way. I think I said the Windward Chipotle was in Alpharetta. That was enough for a resident of the new city of Milton to correct me of my error. As cities sprout everywhere people are proud of new identities and ready to claim cool restaurants as their own. I don’t blame them and fully anticipate doing the same thing when Sharon Springs comes into being.

So it always cracks me up when these “Top 10 Alpharetta restaurants” lists pop up. They’re usually clickbait articles no doubt written by someone who’s never set foot in town. Armed with google skills they find a handful of joints with high ratings and piece together a list. Pretty soon the restaurants listed or maybe the CVB will have fallen for it and have the article on social media even though many of the restaurants are actually out of town. The last article I found had four of ten restaurants outside of Alpharetta. Doh!

I can help writers of future clickbait articles! So without further adieu I present my top ten list of Alpharetta restaurants that are not in Alpharetta.

Bombay Flames

With a burgeoning south Asian population, the number of Indian restaurants is growing to keep pace. Bombay Flames has been around for a while on Mansell Road and is one of the best in town. Oh, and that town would be Roswell.

Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails

Fine dining that’s very approachable, Milton’s has been around for a generation now and continues to be as popular as ever. It deservedly makes many best of lists. But as the name suggests, Milton’s is in Milton not Alpharetta. Shocker but it’s true.

Sushi Nami

Easily the best sushi around, Windward’s Sushi Nami doesn’t disappoint. Notice I said “Windward.” If you want to write about west Windward restaurants then drop the city name and use the street to designate location. That’s the safe way to go as a geography-conscious restaurant writer. The Alpharetta/Milton border skips all over the place here and your favorite place for California rolls is on the Milton side.

Rosa Mia

This mom and pop Italian restaurant is really popular. Their fish sandwich made my best of list in that category earlier this year. It’s crave worthy. If you’ve not been, you’re missing out. So head over to Johns Creek!

BB’s Bagels

One of the best bagels south of the Mason Dixon line is right here – in south Forsyth. Alpharetta addresses swallow a lot of land north of the county line including McFarland Parkway. That’s enough to fool most writers who have spilled a lot of ink about BB’s in “Alpharetta”. There isn’t much to say about these guys that hasn’t been said. My favorite is the everything bagel, toasted with butter.

Pampas Steakhouse

Meat, glorious meat. At Pampas big hunks of bovine are cooked over a flame, Argentinean-style. They’ve been serving those with deep pockets and their expense account guests for a while now. But remember, they’re in Johns Creek.

Scratch Fresh

They’re not going to win any best burger awards, or at least they shouldn’t these days. And those jugs of milkshake concentrate don’t exactly instill confidence in the notion of fresh or scratch-made. Nevertheless, no other restaurant in town is as genuinely friendly as the folks at Scratch. They’ve built a loyal following behind it. They’re also on the Milton side of the tracks.

850 F Barpizza

We’re back in Crabapple for Neapolitan-style pizza. With three of these restaurants in town (about to be four), it’s hard to keep up. But 850 is arguably the best. Oh, and it’s in Milton. I’m a broken record now. As a matter of fact, nearly every restaurant in Crabapple is in Milton with the exception of Alpine Bakery. They’re in Alpharetta. Confused yet?

Nahm Thai Cuisine

They made the clickbait list I linked to above. I like this little pocket of international restaurants on Windward. There’s a little something for everyone here including Sushi Name from above. And again, it’s Milton.

Kozmo Gastro Pub

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