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What we have here is a mom-n-pop joint masquerading as a chain fast-casual restaurant. Two things jump out and give that impression when walking in the door at Chad Thai.

chad thai logoFirst, it’s that polished look. They’ve done a great job remodeling the former Pretzel Factory space in Milton. The feel is modern but comfortable. Contemporary photography of Asian cities beguiles what piped-in 90′s music confirms – this place is run by American Gen-Xers.

Second, the menu is straight out of that fast-casual playbook. Pick an entree grouped in categories of noodles, fried rice, stir fry or curry. Next you’ll choose a protein followed by a selection of veggies. Finish it off with your heat level of up to five stars.

But don’t let the seemingly boring and predictable trappings of the fast-casual world turn you off to Chad Thai. This joint has potential and is worthy of your ten dollar lunch business. Here’s why.

Proteins. They’ve sourced them carefully. The chicken is from Springer Mountain. Beef and pork are locally sourced. Shrimp is wild caught from the Gulf of Mexico. You can taste the difference. Strips of braised brisket are amazingly tender, the shrimp sweet and delicious.

The rest of the menu is loaded with curious options that warrant repeat trips. Bao buns make an appearance including one with brisket. Or pair up a few small plate choices to make a meal. Chad’s deep fried brussel sprouts are a winner. Tossed in a sweet glaze, these delicious morsels are devoured in no time.

Yet Chad Thai still needs a bit of time to mature into its menu. Spice and flavor levels were a bit subdued on a few visits. The massaman curry, while supposed to be on the mild side, was much too mild and lacked depth. The Boom Boom shrimp small plate was hush hush on the heat, something that should have smacked the taste buds around a bit.

The beer menu features local brews. Jekyll Brewing is there as is Red Hare from Marietta. Monday Night’s Fu Manbrew is on-tap. With a hint of ginger it’s a great complement to this menu.

And extra props are due to Chad Thai’s kids’ menu. Their coconut chicken fingers are excellent and find their way into other parts of the menu. Sweet and sour chicken is another good choice for junior. Some might find it overly sweet with huge chunks of pineapple, but it was a creative twist on a traditional favorite.

There’s no shortage of Thai options along Highway 9 and Windward. Yet with a broad menu, quality ingredients and some talent in the kitchen, Chad Thai will be competitive here. Don’t let the chain-ish appearance of this place fool you, Chad is a worthy contender.

Chad Thai is located at 13087 Highway 9, Suite 910 near the Milton Target. Visit them online at

4 Responses to “Chad Thai Urban Asian Kitchen – Milton”

  1. Sandy June 5, 2015 at 9:22 am #

    I live less than a mile away and never even noticed this opening. I can’t wait to try it and really hope they make it. So nice to have a non-chain restaurant within walking distance. We’ve been going to Satay House for many many years but this is a closer option.

  2. Lionel Thompson June 5, 2015 at 9:44 am #

    Sounds yum and will stop by, but between Thai Squared and Nahm right around the corner (and Thai Thai, Lime Juice, and Satay House not far away), do we really need another Thai option?

    Where are the Korean, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, and Eastern European options? Why do I have to drive to Gasthaus way up in Cumming for outstanding German after losing Breadtime?

    Seeing another Thai restaurant in the area is about as exciting as another nail salon.

  3. Sandy June 11, 2015 at 7:11 pm #

    Welp, I just heard that Satay has closed, so maybe all the new places had an effect.

  4. AT July 9, 2015 at 11:45 pm #

    Too bad Satay house closed down, it was still reliable and a good lunch option, with their size, it was a much safer bet to get a table for a large team.

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