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It’s great to finally see two of the largest empty spaces in Alpharetta become occupied. The most recent is the former Rainwater location on Haynes Bridge Road. My wife and I got married here in November of 2007. It closed soon after. The fact that it was a huge space, high priced food and an awkward location combined for Rainwater’s demise. It’s a shame.

Ruths Chris logo smallAlpharetta needed a high-end fine dining establishment, a place where new business owners can take clients, eat expensive meat and toast with high dollar wines and spirits. A real Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity kind of place, unabashed 1% all the way. It’s kind of funny to say that since Rainwater was the cheapest place in the whole area to host a wedding, by far.

Anyway, years passed and I longed for something, anything to open in that space if for no other reason than to get back inside where I got married. Chill Restaurant and Lounge opened and we had hope. Then it closed in a month.

Recently word came that national steakhouse chain Ruth’s Chris was moving its Sandy Spring location to that space. My wife and I took out a loan and went last weekend to finally revisit the place we exchanged vows.

Ruth’s Chris undertook an extensive remodel to bring the place back from the Chill decor that was dominated by turquoise. It looks nice now, a lot like Rainwater used to be. The beautiful wrought iron doors are gone, as are the ultra-cool teardrop lights over the bar. The layout hasn’t changed either. The space consists of a large central room that houses the hostess stand, staircase, wine lockers and five separate dining rooms. Several rooms have fireplaces and all have high-end decor and seating. Each room seems like its own restaurant. Ruth’s Chris doesn’t seem that big when you’re housed in a dining room.

One the rooms is very unique and would be perfect for rehearsal dinners. It has one long table and the walls are lined with brick with very pricy wines on display. It also holds the entrance to the wine cellar housing hundreds of bottles of wine.

Upstairs hasn’t changed a lot at this point either. We were told that events have and will be held upstairs.  We were also told that the Governor Deal and Mayor Belle Isle were there recently to give speeches. I am very glad to see that future couples will be able to be married there.

The food or course was outstanding and insanely expensive. The menus are presented in both normal fashion and on an iPad. I wish it was either/or not both. The table got crowded.

The service was impeccable. The waiter had one of those little crumb scrapers to clean the table cloth. I love that. The steaks came out sizzling of course, but most importantly, perfectly cooked. The 1800 degree broiler does a good job. But for an average price of $40 a steak, I could get several from Woody’s Meat and Sausage Company, cook them at home and be just as happy. Sides are extra of course. Two people with drinks (local beers from Jekyll and Monday Night are available), steaks and sides can run upwards to $200. Ouch.

Ruth’s Chris has and always will cater to the 1% and those with expense accounts. The place is nice and will definitely impress clients and friends. We went at 6:00 PM on a Saturday and it was packed. Time will tell if the name recognition of Ruth’s Chris will keep this steakhouse in the game.

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  1. Jen February 6, 2015 at 10:06 pm #

    It is nice to have an upscale place for a special occasion, anniversary, birthday etc. I’ve only dined at Ruth’s Chris once (in sandy springs). I believe they say there meat is corn fed. Aren’t the majority if cows corn fed. Not sure why that’s an important claim. Isn’t grass fed the most expensive beef? I know the corn fed gives a better flavor, but why the higher prices? I’m not a steak expert and just curious.

  2. CALB February 6, 2015 at 11:56 pm #

    I’ve been to several Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses locally and nationally, including the new Alpharetta location; food is good but not awesome, prices are sky-high and on my recent visit to the Alpharetta location – service and food were sub-par!

  3. Grimwinder February 9, 2015 at 8:58 am #

    @ Jen
    People will debate the taste difference of grain fed and grass fed beef, but main price difference here (and with most high end steak houses) is the fact that all of their steaks are USDA Prime Beef. Less than 2% of all beef produced is granted the Prime designation, thus the much higher price.

  4. J February 9, 2015 at 9:41 pm #

    Ruth’s Chris is decent but I would go to Cabernet every day of the week over Ruth’s Chris in Alpharetta.

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