Alpharetta Restaurant News – February 2015

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Figo Pasta closed signArrivederci Figo Pasta. The fast-casual Italian eatery on North Point closed their doors for good about two weeks ago, leaving this goodbye in the window. On social media the company blamed the poor location for their demise but word is that the chain is suffering. Or perhaps it’s the general concept. Mirko Pasta, a very similar competitor, recently closed in Johns Creek. We knew this one was coming as the business had been listed for sale with a restaurant broker. We suspected Figo might go as well, but we didn’t expect them both to go at almost the same time.

Replacing Mirko in Johns Creek is an Indian restaurant called Mirchi Virchi. They opened on Monday. Also in Johns Creek look for Brooklyn Cantina to open on Jones Bridge Road in the former 12 Slices location.

Someone has leased the former pretzel store space on Highway 9 in Milton near Target. We’re told the name will be Chad Thai Urban Asian Kitchen but at this point don’t know much more about the concept. There are several other Thai restaurants in the west Windward area so we’ll see how they fare. And we’re also hearing a fast food restaurant may build across the street in front of Aldi, but the scoop belongs to Eli Zandman so I’ll let him report on it.

And speaking of scoops, the folks over at Scoop OTP got one on me. They reported this week that Roswell’s Ceviche Taqueria & Margarita Bar will open a new location in downtown Alpharetta. Look for them at 42 Milton Avenue near the 2B Whole bakery. Of course Salt Factory paved the way with expansion from Roswell a few years ago. Roswell’s Nine Street Kitchen considered coming to downtown Alpharetta but pulled the plug on their plans. What other Roswell eateries could be next?

Several previously-reported restaurants have opened since last month. Tom+Chee opened two weeks ago on North Point near Chicken Salad Chick.  Vito’s Pizza-Rant has opened on Old Milton Parkway. They are the third pizza concept to open here since Mama’s left about a year and a half ago. Laguna Mexican Grill has opened in south Forsyth where BW Tavern once lived. And Smallcakes, a franchise cupcake joint, has now opened at 4055 Old Milton Parkway.

Our coming soon list has been updated. A number of these projects are stalling or otherwise progressing slowly.

Restaurants Coming Soon

The Farmhouse – Still waiting on this coffee and crepe shop in Johns Creek.

Jay’s Mexican Grill and Taqueria – McFarland Parkway in south Forsyth. Perhaps their buildout has stalled.

Cook-Out – Their buildout has started on Haynes Bridge.

Cafe at Pharr – Their opening appears to be far out. Slow progress on Windward.

Ricco’s Italian & Tapas -  A promising new concept to open on Highway 9 in Milton from a former Zola alum.

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  1. A:

    Not surprised about Figo. They were really good when they first opened, and you couldn’t beat their weekday lunch specials. After their remodel, and changes in staff, the service went downhill very quickly and the food was never up to its early days. We went twice in the space of a few months and both times were out of lasagna early in the evening, a staple item in any decent Italian place. The last few times we went service was really bad. After the demise of Artuzzi’s on Windward and closing of the Little Azio’s in Forsyth, maybe we can assume that people don’t want fast casual Italian.

  2. Andrea:

    Ricco’s – the sign went up and then down within a couple days. Any updates?

  3. Herb Z:

    Can someone please convince Alpharetta to take the existing Nine Kitchen from Roswell? Credit to someone else, but every single time I drive by it looks like Nine threw up a cheap outdoor decor store.

  4. Jen:

    I liked figo. Too bad.

  5. Family Guy:

    Yay. Another Indian restaurant. The ones I drive past occasionally have a car at them.

  6. S Lee Guy:

    @Family Guy – You’re not driving by at the right times. In certain parts of town the Indian population is nearing 10%. There’s room for plenty more restaurants.

  7. Diego:

    Were Figo and Mirko competitors? I thought they were owned by the same team, or at least shared co-owners.

  8. Cool Papa Bell:

    Agree with SLG. I go to many Indian restaurants in town. They are some of the most loyally supported eateries in the area. About the only quality Indian restaurant in which the crowds are sparse is Sitar, but that is also a few miles outside of the epicenter of Indian population. The rest of the good ones are packed.

  9. Mike Christensen:

    Cherry Street Brewing opened a tap room next door to the brewery recently. Full bar. 25 of their beers on tap. Open Wed-Sat 4PM to 12 AM.

  10. gnd:

    The one across from Steak n’ Shake(by North Point Mall) always seems empty when I go by it.

  11. Joe:

    Ricco’s is out. Will not open. New owners will be in next week. Word is they have other restaurants.

  12. Joe:

    Figo and Mirko were in fact2 partners that split up. Concept was okay but delivery was poor. Just an opinion

  13. J Kaine:

    I’m not surprised FIGO went under as well. I think what the above said that the concept was interesting, but the way it was executed was sub par. I didn’t really see a difference with the quality of their food when they remodeled, to me it was just their service. I’m not one to complain about tipping, but I thought it was weird that they tried to make you pay for the tip before you got seated. The service was atrocious almost every time; it was slow, rude, and inattentive.

  14. Andrea:

    @Joe. What happened to Ricco’s?

    Do you know what the new concept will be?

  15. Joe:

    there may be a new group moving foward minas all previuos people. They did say they were ;restaurant folks” but not more than that.
    Sorry for Ricco, he was very passionate.

  16. Bridgett:

    My husband did some remodel work for them and they are probably the most unclean, unhealthy, discussing restaurant he has ever seen. He literary saw rats in the kitchen and when told the owner, he said “it happens”.

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