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They’re hardly new. Deal sites like Groupon and Scoutmob have been around for years now. Yet they are still relevant and offer decent savings at area restaurants.

Scout-Mob1I tend to like Scoutmob a little better. Their mobile app works flawlessly, never giving me grief. And unlike Groupon, I don’t have that initial outlay of cash to get the deal. And there are simply more participating Alpharetta-area restaurants on Scoutmob.

Some suggest that restaurants on Groupon are struggling for business. That might be the case but it isn’t true for everyone on this list. However nearly every growler store in the area is on Scoutmob these days. We talked about these guys last week.

Nevertheless, here are some Groupon and Scoutmob-listed restaurants you should consider. They’re certainly worth 50% off.

Thai Star – This small Thai restaurant opened about a year and a half ago on Main Street near Windward. They fly below the radar in my opinion, serving up some of the best Thai offerings in the area. Combine a Scoutmob deal with already cheap lunch prices and this place is a serious deal. Nearby competitor Lime Juice Thai Bistro is also listed.

Mama’s Pizza – Recently relocated from Old Milton to near the mall, Mama’s should make any “best of” list of pizza joints in Alpharetta. Their New York-style pie never disappoints and their Sicilian ain’t bad either. If you still need an excuse to try these guys, 50% off is it.

Hibachi – Straight out of the 90′s, we’ve been there and done that with this style of cuisine. Yet my kids love watching grown men play with their food. It’s become our go-to meal for birthdays in the Guy household – and we never pay full price. Haiku Sushi & Steakhouse on North Point is always on both Groupon and Scoutmob (and SpotOn to boot). Osaka Steak and Sushi on Peachtree Parkway in Johns Creek/south Forsyth is as well.

Indian – Two Windward joints make the list. Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine has one of the better buffets in town. And nearby is Paradise Biryani Point, both of which are on Scoutmob.

Also on Windward is the Original Pancake House. Their overpriced breakfast grub isn’t worth it even at half off. Same goes for Papouli’s Mediterranean Cafe. There are far better options in town, but this place is always on sale if you’re interested.

Entertainment – The itty bitty little concert venue Velvet Note is on Groupon. Their deal includes food, crab cakes to be specific. And Studio Movie Grill on Holcomb Bridge is forever on Groupon. They always seem willing to discount movie tickets with the hopes that you’ll buy their vittles. Take the deal but eat before you go.

4 Responses to “Deal site choices in Alpharetta”

  1. Stacey Mueller June 3, 2014 at 8:56 am #

    WHAT??? Original House of Pancakes is the best breakfast around!!!

  2. My Belly Has A Name June 5, 2014 at 8:43 pm #

    Gonna have to disagree on Papouli’s. I have no idea what you’ve tried there but it’s a standout in the flavor desert of a strip mall retail space it shares with at least a half dozen other food stops on Windward.

    Hint — try the cheeseburger or double cheeseburger. The meat comes off the grill with a light crispiness on the edges, and loaded with really nicely chopped condiments. Yum!

    Yes, the gyro isn’t much different than any of the others in town serving the giant gyros baloney slab on the roasting spit. If you want traditional schwarma flavors you’ll have to visit a place focused totally on authenticity. Sadly they are few and far between in our town.

    Next visit, spice up your gyros a notch by adding crumbled feta and leave off the lettuce which has no place on a gyro, or get a small container of feta dip for your fries, you won’t be sorry.

  3. Lionel T June 6, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

    We can start an Alpharetta breakfast war, but you are spot on about Pancake House being overpriced and undergood. The best in the area for a good Southern breakfast is Scratch and Midway Meal House.

  4. Cool Papa Bell June 6, 2014 at 1:53 pm #

    Eh Papouli‚Äôs does have a good Italian beef. But I agree with Belly the gyro is average. As the area continues to add quality restaurants, hopefully it’s a matter of time before bottom feeders like Original House of Pancakes go by the wayside.

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