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We love big stuff.  We want big trucks with big engines to pull big boats to big lakes to catch big fish (or small fish and tell big stories).  If a little something is good, then bigger is better.

The latest pizza joint in the north Fulton area goes above and beyond with the biggest pizzas around.  But is bigger better?  In this case, not particularly.

Big Pie in the Sky opened recently in the often vacant strip on Mansell Road next to the Porsche dealership.  It is the second Atlanta location (the first is in Kennesaw) for the pizza chain that rose to national prominence on Man Vs Food for their Carnivore Challenge.  It’s eleven pounds of meat laden pizza, two people and one hour to eat it all.  If you do it you’ll win $250 which you can put towards the gastric or cardiac surgery of your choice.

Big Pie sliceI had the nearly normal sized “small” 16 inch Carnivore pizza.  It is topped with bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage and ground beef.  It wasn’t bad.  I hate to say this, but it was too much meat.  The sausage was on the verge of being burnt, and the diced ham was piled on too thick for my wife’s taste.  Sliced ham would have been better.  The crust is thin and crispy even with all the meat juices.

Big Pie has loads of other specialty pizzas to try like the West Coast Pesto with cream cheese and chicken and the Big Kahuna with ham and pineapple.  Or build your own.  The largest size you can get is a whopping 30 inch pie.  The box it comes in itself is impressive.  Serves  eight to ten.

Big Pie in the Sky really shines in one aspect, the lunch deal.  One slice from the 30 inch pizza with two toppings and a drink is $5.00.  That’s amazing.  We all got slices at work, and they really are bigger than your head. It fills you up without draining your wallet.  It will give you a hernia carrying the box to the car however. I had the meatball on my slice. It was a little bland.  It could have been kicked up a notch with some Italian seasoning or garlic or something.

The layout of the restaurant is a little strange. The ordering counter where the majority of the employees are is around the corner from the dining area.  There is a window where you can see into the kitchen which is pretty neat, but you have to be standing to see in and that can be a little awkward.  The service that I’ve experienced has been subpar as well.  Some more training or motivation would do some good.

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The pizza itself is not bad.  It’s certainly not up to great pizza standards that have been set in the area, but it’s not something that I would pass by.  With a little love, this place could be a second tier pizza joint.  Stop in and wield one of the giant slices and see for yourself if bigger truly is better.

2 Responses to “Big Pie in the Sky – Mansell Road”

  1. My Belly Has A Name May 10, 2014 at 8:34 am #

    I’ve visited a couple times over the last month and had mixed results. The crust is always very thin and crispy which is a plus, but Lee is correct a few of the toppings are not up to par.

    A lunch slice with pepperoni is nice, but with sausage, it’s just not that great, the sausage is the tiny crumbly overcooked kind that always has me wondering if it’s really meat.

    Slices are huge, and the sauce flavor is pretty good. I’ll be back many times I’m sure. One item of note for the owners, try turning on your huge outside lighted sign, it isn’t doing much good when it’s turned off at night (which seems to be the norm)…..

  2. Brent "Guru of Glaze" H. May 12, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    BTW Lee: we tried carry-out from 12 Slices last week. It’s kind of a NY style with a flat (not crispy) crust. Better and less greasy than Jersey Boyz but nothing to differentiate it from the other excellent pizza available in the area. I noticed they have a variety of “gourmet burgers” listed on the menu too, but haven’t tried those. The interior is pretty much identical to the space’s previous sports bar/pizzeria iteration.

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