They serve breakfast? Breakfast finds on Windward that might suprise

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Windward Parkway has several familiar breakfast eateries. Yet a handful of popular lunch destinations are open in the A.M. serving up some delicious morning grub. And for some reason the crowds haven’t found these guys. Let’s change that.

Wildflour wafflejpg

Gluten-free waffles at Wildflour

Wildflour – These guys toyed with dinner hours last year. Now they are testing out a breakfast menu. This time the experiment makes sense as the crew is already at work in the morning prepping for the lunch rush. On my last visit a truck was delivering boxes of produce for lunchtime sandwiches and salads. They were busy but certainly had time to whip up some french toast.

And a delicious french toast it was. It was heavy on the custard side, rich and decadent, and is topped with a generous helping of handmade whipped butter and a berry compote. Pass on the syrup as you won’t need a drop.

Included in the $7 price is a drink and choice of meat. Stick with bacon if you’re ordering something sweet. Wildflour’s house-made sausage is heavy on the sage and doesn’t complement sweet items very well.

The rest of their breakfast menu includes a gluten-free waffle made with rice flour, a loaded omelette, and an egg and rosemary hash dish. And like their lunch menu, certain sauces seem to find their way into several dishes. Look for a citrus hollandaise sauce to make appearances in the savory dishes. And that berry compote will join the waffle as well.

Never Enough Thyme – Competing with Wildflour for the dainty female lunch crowd is this cute little eatery near the end of Windward. What surprises me the most about their breakfast menu is how hardy these meals are. Their lunch specials, while good, often leave me hungry later on. Not so for breakfast as the portions are large and will easily fill your belly for the rest of your morning.

I usually keep it simple here and head straight for the comfortable – a biscuit sandwich. For $5.50 you get a huge, flaky biscuit holding a generous helping of eggs and two sausage patties. And don’t forget a big scoop of home fries which are included in the price. I can’t finish it all.

The rest of their breakfast menu is loaded with choices. You’ll have never enough time to try it all. But don’t let silly homophone jokes keep you away.

Qdoba Mexican Grill – I love the breakfast burrito here at Qdoba. Scrambled eggs and Mexican chorizo are a savory match made in heaven. Wrap it up in a burrito with some potatoes, spicy salsa and gooey queso sauce and you’ve got an intensely flavorful breakfast. Enjoy in moderation as this is possibly the most unhealthy breakfast in town.

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  1. MyBellyHasAName February 1, 2014 at 10:18 am #

    I’m going to have to start looking these new options over. Stopped by BB’s this morning (after giving them a wide berth after the ridiculously poor sanitation inspection) for a toasted pumpernickel with veggie cream cheese to go, and when unwrapped about 5 minutes later found a funky smelling bagel with a dripping, melted mess of foaming spread on it. Disgusting, straight to the trash $5.00, goodbye.

    Nothing like the way things were a couple years ago, too bad, it was such a nice convenient spot for grabbing a snack if I missed breakfast. They remain packed to the gills, no place to park, but for me it’s got to be “Bye Bye BB’s”.

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