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Bundt displayGloria and Sergio Pacheco have brought the best tasting bundt cakes that I’ve had since my mom’s to Alpharetta. The nearly 20 year residents of North Fulton both were tired of the corporate grind when Gloria happened upon the franchise opportunity while on a business trip to California. They jumped on board, and nearly three years later, their store has opened to tremendous fanfare on Windward Parkway next to Five Guys. Don’t think so? The line for the grand opening last week was around the corner of the building. At 9 AM. In the pouring rain. Folks want those cakes.

Nothing Bundt Cakes was founded by two friends in 1997 in Las Vegas. Today there are locations nationwide. And it’s no small feat to become a franchisee.  Years of undergoing interviews, making presentations and nearly nine months of searching for a location have left first time restauranteurs Gloria and Sergio excited about becoming a part of the community.

So what is so exciting about these cakes? At first I was taken aback at the idea of a store selling just bundt cakes. It’s oddly specific, like opening an apple pie store. Nope, we don’t sell any other kind of pie, just apple. You would think it would appeal to a very small population, but there are so many flavors and sizes of the cakes, it would take me several trips to try them all. There are nine flavors that are standard along with one rotating flavor.

Everything is made in house every day using ingredients and mixes provided by the company. There’s not a lot of room or experimentation due to the company’s protocols, but everything is beautifully presented. Sizes range from the cupcake sized bundtini to a personal sized bundtlet to the larger 8 and 10 inch variety. The larger sizes can even have multiple tiers.

Bundt wait, there more! There are too many good flavors for me to choose from, but I’ve consumed several including lemon (my favorite), red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, and cinnamon swirl. The cakes are moist and delicious. Sure it came from a mix, but I dare you to tell the difference. The icing is super thick, very far from the glazed bundt cakes of my youth. The prices are very reasonable and the employees are neat, professional and helpful.

I’ve found a couple of problems. One is the location. I just hate the parking situation in this strip mall. The second is the hours. They close at 7:00 PM. I would think some later hours could lure in folks from any one of the nearby food places for a late desert.

Gloria and Sergio have gotten involved in the community as well. They have sponsored events, donated time and cakes to schools and churches and are always looking for ways to help out. They have a program called the inner circle where once you sign up, you can get rewards and a free bundtini on your birthday. There are over 400 signed up so far.

One personal story I’d like to share.  My first visit was on a Saturday and I got there about 15 minutes past closing time. I was walking away when Gloria invited me inside. I was able to look at all the cakes and make some choices, and didn’t feel pressured to hurry since it was past closing. A guy even came running out of the back with a tray of samples. It was great. As I was leaving around 6:30, a couple was coming across the parking lot. I heard them remark that the place was closed. I turned and saw Gloria unlocking the door and letting them inside too. That’s the kind of customer service I want. I am very pleased that Nothing Bundt Cakes has come to Alpharetta. The passion inside is evident in every bite.

3 Responses to “Nothing Bundt Cakes – Windward”

  1. Travis Allen January 17, 2014 at 8:51 am #

    Excited to see them come to the area. Another welcome addition to the City of Milton. I’ll have to stop by soon…the white chocolate raspberry is calling me.

  2. Katie January 17, 2014 at 2:55 pm #

    Now if we could just The Pie Hole to Alpharetta we’re in business between the bundt cakes and pie…oh my!

  3. A January 17, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

    Just went there this afternoon for the first time. They had samples of chocolate chocolate chip, and I can tell you right now I will never go to Jilly’s Cupcakery (they never did fix the dry cupcake problem) again. This cake was so moist and the frosting didn’t seem to overpower it like cupcakes. I hope these guys do well and stick around Milton for a while. As the reviewer mentioned, it would be nice if they were open later. Same for the Mugs on Milton, which closes at 4. Sometimes we want a coffee and something sweet later in the evening after coming home from somewhere, and out here in the ‘burbs there aren’t a lot of late night options for that except maybe IHOP.

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