Final look at DeRito/Mitchell campaign money

The September 25th campaign financial disclosures are in for the DeRito/Mitchell race. They offer a final glimpse into these campaigns going into the election Tuesday.

Doug DeRito has done no real fund raising to speak of. He’s funded his campaign through a $8,000 loan to himself.

Donald Mitchell is on track to double or possibly triple the campaign spend of his opponent. He’s raised about $20,000 in total, about half of which came in the form of a contribution from himself. The usual suspects of downtown business owners contributed earlier in the campaign.

But recently real estate interests have kicked in to Mitchell’s coffers. The first was shopping center mogul Penn Hodge. More recently it was a $1,000 contribution from the Atlanta Board of Realtors.

Al Holbrook contributed $1,000. He’s behind Solomon Holdings and was granted the contract to build the first (and failed) attempt at the City Center development. Holbrook may be eying another bid at the project, based on participation lists filed with the city.

And Jack Peevy contributed $1,500 to Mitchell’s campaign. Peevy owns property between Avalon and City Center, an area that may develop following completion of these projects.

DeRito has hired Fred Hicks with HEG LLC to be his consultant. Hicks has had the golden touch recently in the campaigns he’s worked on in Milton. Will the same hold true in Alpharetta?

Mitchell has hired Eamon Keegan who two years ago worked for DeRito in his failed mayorial bid.

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