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Francois Collet has a deep resume. The second generation French-born chef trained across the pond in addition to tutelage at the Culinary Institute of America. Past gigs have included Epcot in Orlando and the Buckhead Bread Company.

Collet apple pieBut you’re not likely to meet this cafe’s namesake in Alpharetta. Much like Sweet Tentations on Holcomb Bridge Road, Collet French Pastry is a retail arm of Monsieur Collet’s wholesale business. Located on Peachtree Industrial, Collet crafts delicate French pastries for five star hotels and restaurants.

Instead you’ll meet Catherine Taylor. Herself French-born, Taylor recently relocated from Florida where she retired as a culinary school instructor. Even though most of her products are made elsewhere, she’s certainly got a grasp of technique used to craft these works of art. And I could listen to her pronounce the names of French pastries all day.

Make your first visit for breakfast and try the apple pie. While not graced with a French name, these pies are beautiful and equally delicious. Thinly sliced apples are carefully arranged over a rich custard and held together by a pastry shell. Dusted with powdered sugar, it’ll satisfy your sweet breakfast tooth.

Or you can’t go wrong with a simple croissant. Collet’s is large and golden brown on the outside. It’s flaky exterior yields to a buttery soft and delicate texture inside. A chocolate-filled variety is available for a bit more.

Lunch options include quiche, sandwiches and soups. It’s a small menu at this point but could compete with places like Mittie’s Tea Room for ladies seeking a dainty yet delicious meal.

Collet’s cooler is home to a dizzying array of pastries, from tarts to eclairs. A flourless chocolate cake, who’s French name unfortunately escapes me, was outstanding. Velvety smooth chocolate is hugged by several chocolate shells. It’s adorned with edible gold leaf on top.

And you can’t go wrong picking up some cookies to go. They didn’t last long when shared with my co-workers. Neither did the coconut macaroons. Slightly crispy on the outside yet moist in the middle, they exploded with coconut flavor. You’ll eat every crumb.

Collet French Pastry Cafe /></a></p><p>Collet is a keeper. The location is a bit of a challenge to find, but is certainly worth seeking out. Au revoir!</p><p><em>Collet French Pastry Cafe is located at 2225 Old Milton Parkway in the Sabri Guven building.</em></p><div class='yarpp-related yarpp-related-none'>
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  1. Brent "Guru of Glaze" H.:

    How might Collet French Pastry compare with Douceur de France in Roswell? And, most importantly — do they have macarons?

    Thanks for writing about this place. I hadn’t even realize it had opened.

  2. A:

    Just curious what the pricing is like for the pastries and other items. May have to check it out this weekend!

  3. Cool Papa Bell:

    Guru of Glaze, I can speak directly for his latest incarnation, but Sweet Tentations compares favorably with DDF so I’m guessing his namesake will too. I’d give DDF the upper hand because of a much wider selection.

  4. Deborah:

    I have popped into Sweet Tenations when I lived around the corner from it, and loved everything I got there. The macarons were wonderful.

  5. AlphaJD:

    It is as if Lee read my mind today. I stopped in this café this morning on a whim at 10:00 a.m., craving good café au lait and wanting to see what the buzz was about.

    Lucky for me, the place was empty (but I imagine not for long, especially once people who spend a mint at the Starbucks across the street get a taste of the coffee at Collet). Catherine was so gracious and wow! I could have spent an hour just looking at the food. I picked up an individual spinach quiche for lunch which came with a side salad of mixed greens and a lovely light garlicky-lemony vinaigrette. The desserts are decadent and priced accordingly; listen, food that isn’t made for mass consumption isn’t cheap, but it is well worth the price because it tastes GREAT! I’d rather spend $4 once a week on a individual chocolate mousse than cheap stuff that I could buy every day, but that doesn’t taste nearly as good. But to each his own :-)

    This place definitely has my business and perhaps there will be a better location for them to move to once City Center opens. Hmmmm…..

  6. Sandy:

    Oh my goodness. After reading this, I had to wait all weekend before I could get to Collet for lunch today but it was so worth the wait. I had a quiche with salad and my friend had a different quiche with onion soup. It’s a good deal at only $7.50 and so good. The quiches were very good, but that onion soup was really special. I’m definitely going back for that. They have a different soup of the day, and it’s not on a regular rotation, so they suggested we call ahead and see what’s on the menu for each day. I got a Paris Brest to go and had that for my coffee break this afternoon and it was really yummy. I’m going to be a regular from now on. I wish that they would post the daily menu on website and maybe start having brewed iced tea. It feels like you’re in France when you’re in there, but we’re still from Georgia and love our iced tea year ’round.

  7. Catherine:

    Please do not hesitate to send me an email with your comments, I would like to keep serving you better and your constructive criticism will be well received.
    We are still in the soft opening stage and need to adjust many things in order to serve our clientele better.
    Again thank you.

  8. malagrey:

    Does anyone know if Collet has high chairs? Also, what’s their website. Can’t seem to find it on the web

  9. Ronnie Kent:

    My Wife and I just a stopped by and bought a Vanilla Eclair—We should not have we live 3 minutes from the store—It was the best Eclair either of us has ever eaten and we have eaten many–At this rate I will be able to get a job as Santa Clause at the Mall next Year—Incredible and of course we will return probably tomorrow–lol–Give it a try!!!!!


    Bravo Catherine et François. Tous ces compliments sont supers et je vous souhaite une merveilleuse réussite.
    Bizzz. Anne LAURENT

  11. Laura:

    I have heard good talk about this place, I’m really looking for a place to buy some good macaroons and eclairs. I plan on stopping buy this week

  12. Anne Cintron:

    Love it!!! The best macaroons around no doubt!!! This is a must go to place for desserts or special occasion desserts to impress…calories? Does it matter?

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