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Just a turn off McFarland Parkway lives a quiet little lunch joint that flies below everyone’s radar. Unless you happen to work in this office park you’d probably never know this little gem was buried here, waiting to be discovered. Let’s change that.

ADAiRE is a professional chef and catering service run by husband and wife duo Matthew and Lynda Phillips. Matthew is a Le Cordon Bleu-educated chef with a résumé that includes gigs at Rays on the River and The Ritz Carlton.

Their Shiloh Road office park location houses the catering kitchen. In the front of the store is a beautiful demonstration kitchen and four cozy tables. The Phillips have transformed this demonstration area into their lunchtime business, Bistro at ADAiRE. They’re only open 11 to 2 during the week.

It’s tough to review a place like this. It would be easy to write about the jerk chicken I had this week. The jerk seasoning was generously applied yet its heat tempered with a terrific chipotle honey sauce. But their menu changes each week so unless you happen to go there today, you’re outta luck.

So what can you expect here? They’ll feature two entrees and two hot side dishes each week. Entrees are often things like braised boneless shortribs or chicken. One week I had coq au vin with a side of ratatouille. Amazing. Did I just eat French food near McFarland Parkway? Someone pinch me.

The entrees are simple but well executed. Roasted chicken may not sound exciting, but when paired with a white wine, lemon and artichoke pan sauce it’s outstanding. It’s the kind of simple yet delicious cooking that a trained chef can do in their sleep. But somehow food like this never seems to find its way into ordinary restaurants.

Expect to pay a tiny bit more than a meat and veggie joint. An entree with one hot side item will set you back a ten spot. Iced tea or lemonade is included. Add the second veggie for two bucks more.

The menu also includes sandwiches, soups, salads and often a quiche. A ham and cheddar sandwich might look boring on the menu – that is until Lynda wields a blowtorch to brown the cheese just before serving. A smoked beef sandwich makes menu often. It comes with pickled onions, horseradish cream and a Guinness jelly. My goodness.

Soups range from the ordinary, tomato basil or gumbo, to unusual. How about a Spanish-style posole? It’s on the menu this week.

Share your email address with them and you’ll get the menu delivered at the start of each week. They also post it on their Facebook page. If something looks interesting then add the Bistro to your week’s lunch rotation. But you’re not going to go wrong just showing up blind.

And you thought McFarland Parkway was a culinary wasteland. Tisk tisk. You might get lost trying to find The Bistro at ADAiRE but it’s worth it. And let’s keep this little secret lunch spot just between us, okay?

The Bistro at ADAiRE is located at 6535 Shiloh Road suite 700. From GA-400 go south on McFarland Pkwy. Turn left on Shiloh Road then take the second right into the office park. Suite 700 is near the back of the office park on the right.

2 Responses to “Bistro at ADAiRE – South Forsyth”

  1. masr August 29, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

    I went there today for lunch.
    Everything was scrumptious!
    Servings were generous.
    Prices were extremely reasonable especially considering servins sizes.
    Atmosphere was cozy and relaxing.
    I will return again and again…

  2. JMV September 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    Thanks so much for telling us about this place. I ate there today and LOVED it!!! I second everything in the comments posted by masr.


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