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It’s cool to see all the brewing equipment right behind the bar.  Spend some time inside and you’ll likely be able to watch the process.  Brandon is always open for folks to ask questions about beer and brewing but be respectful when he’s in intense periods of work.

Hop Alley is in a great location and it is a very welcome addition to Alpharetta’s craft beer scene.  Will Alpharetta become a OTP beer mecca?  Only time will tell.  Judging by the crowds darkening their doorway, Alpharetta has embraced Hop Alley, as have I.  Cheers!

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  1. Brent "Guru of Glaze" H.:

    I’ve been underwhelmed by the beer at Hop Alley, but blown away by the food. They would do well to focus on training, too–the service has not been good. But of course it’s still a very young restaurant with some growing pains to work out. I’m excited to have them on Main Street and look forward to patronizing a locally owned brew pub!

  2. A:

    Went last weekend, and while I’m not much of a beer drinker, the food was fantastic and reasonably priced. We got there a bit after 6 on a Friday and there were very few empty tables and people had to wait for one after us. Wish we had more of these types of non-chain restaurants in Alpharetta.

  3. Michael:

    I wish all of these craft beer options were available when I lived in Alpharetta! It took me moving to Denver to appreciate beer, but now I know exactly where to go the next time I’m in the ATL. Hop Alley sounds like a great place!

  4. John:

    Pros: food is great, space is awesome. House brews are super cheap!

    Cons: Service and house brews were inconsistent. Don’t expect beer like you would get at 5seasons, yet. Cons are all probably related to being new.

    All in all a very good start and a ton of potential here.

  5. E:

    I was there on Tuesday night. The beer I had was okay, but the portabello burger I had was very good as were the mashed potatoes. My friend really enjoyed his burger. Our server was really great as well (I think he said he was the assistant brewer). I look forward to bringing others here. It’s the type of spot Alpharetta needs more of.

  6. Frank:

    Went tonight. Totally full but we were seated outside immediately. Very nice deck. Service was somewhat confusing at first – they were out of menus so we used our iphones and looked at the menus on line. Never was clear who our wait staff person was. We and a few other people on the deck just flagged down a passing waiter and asked him to be our waiter. He agreed and was actually very good. The beer was good and cold. The food was great. 50/50 burger – very different and tasty. The avocado and chicken sandwich was a delicious blend of flavors. Waiter took time to talk with us once things seemed to calm down little before we left. Expect to spend a leisurely evening there and don’t be in a hurry (or you’ll be disappointed). Everyone on the deck seemed fine with the wait (and we were too once we ordered beers). Will definitely go again soon and look forward to taking Atlanta friends there. Alpharetta needs more of this kind of restaurant.

  7. Mike:

    Wow. I’ve been living in North Fulton for over twenty years and this is the first time a concept like this has opened. While the service was “OK”, the food was good and the beer was great. They have a new pilsner, which in my opinion, is very tasty. I hope they do well.

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