Farmers markets surprise and disappoint

Several of the markets have web sites and Facebook pages that have tons of information.  If you want nothing but produce without all the extras, take the short trip to Cumming.  If you’re more into the social scene with some produce mixed in, stay in Alpharetta or Roswell.  I usually end up in Alpharetta, munching on a crepe from Crepe Cottage or a cinnamon roll from one of the few bread vendors.  Oh yeah, I guess I’ll pick up a tomato or two.

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  1. Laura:

    Brookwood was fantastic when it first started (and was a Brookwood Elementary)- lots of fresh, local and organic produce, natural meats and eggs and homemade breads. I used to fill bags there and everything was wonderful. I don’t know what happened to run off all the farmers but that market has become quite disappointing.

  2. Dennis Murray:

    This has been a ranting of mine this spring. I’ve been trying to find a good farmers market, not necessarily organic but with fresher selections and wider writer than typical grocery stores.

    I’ve shopped the Vickery market and was surprised by $4 a pound green beans and squash. I tried Brookwood and left with nothing but free range eggs.

    I shopped this past week at Jaemor Farms in Alto on my return trip from Asheville and was ecstatic with what I bought. For $20 I had a bucket of peaches, a big bag of tomatoes, sweet onions, yellow squash, and a half peck of sweet potatoes. All but the sweet potatoes were locally grown (but the sweet potatoes looked high quality).

    I’d really like to spend more of my produce money in the local market (not spending money with chain grocery) but its proven hard so far.

  3. S Lee Guy:

    Dennis, we might have passed you at Jaemor Farms. Was there for the first time yesterday afternoon. Impressed with the offerings and prices.

  4. Scsa31274:

    The ones in Cumming have good selections at good prices.

  5. Mala:

    I just grow my own fruit and veggies for this reason. I don’t want homemade soap or jelly so don’t frequent these fake markets. I planted a fig tree last year and its gorgeous. The cherries, nectarine and apricot trees are tricky but it may be the weather this year. Anyone have any advice on these fruit trees. I plant veggies in big ceramic planters as well as my own herbs. My parents were advid graders even though we lived in a cold climate. They had eight weeks to plant and harvest and freeze or jar all their veggies. They had an average sized back hard and I don’t think they ever bough a green bean or tomato in a grocery store. They were shocked when they first visited ga and noticed that no one planted fruit trees or had a little garden. I encourage everyone to plant a little fruit tree or a pot with a tomato plant. It’s not hard and you’ll know it’s fresh and organic.

  6. Kim:

    Carlton Farms delivers to the area weekly. You can do vegetable shares or shop the produce they bring in as locally available. We’ve known this family for years and bought from them before they got big…. back when they used to only sell dairy and eggs.

    The quality of the produce is hit or miss. I’ve heard the same about the vegetable shares though we’ve not participated in this personally. It is also not cheap but they do have to pay for their travel/transport.

  7. TomatoesYum:

    I miss the farmer’s market in Asheville. That’s what I’d love to have around here. Tons of fresh veggies. Don’t want to go to a farmer’s market and buy bananas with a chiquita sticker.

  8. Kate:

    I live close to the Newtown Park farmer’s market in Johns Creek. It also has more non-produce than I’d prefer. But the produce vendors they do have are good. I’ve gotten everything from organic heirloom tomatoes to purple carrots.

    And they have activities like music and kid’s entertainment, and it’s in a park with ball fields, tennis courts and a big fancy dog park, so it feels very lively on Saturday mornings.

  9. Lisa:

    I really wish that the growers (do they all grow their own or do they buy wholesale I have wondered) had more ORGANIC and NON-GMO produce and goods. My trips to the Alpharetta market have seemed in vain when in search of the goods I choose to shop for.

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