Building campaign warchests in north Fulton

Mike Bodker’s been busy. No, it’s not the vague ethics charge taking up his time. The Johns Creek mayor has been raising some serious campaign cash for his re-election campaign this fall. Mr. Bodker’s already held fundraising events in the city and even hosted one at the Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta. He’s raised well over $50,000 as of June 30th.

Mr. Bodker’s one of only three candidates in all of north Fulton that’s even begun bringing in contributions. It’s an early attempt to build a warchest. Perhaps it’s a sign of vulnerability or just the realization that he’ll face a competitor. But in Bodker’s case, it circles around to that ethics charge. According to public filings his campaign has spent $2,600 with the Alpharetta lawfirm Briskin, Cross & Sanford. It’s unusual for a local candidate to spend this much with an attorney.

Sandy Springs mayoral candidate Rusty Paul has raised $63,000 since just April. He’s the hand-picked successor to Eva Galambos and has deep political and lobbying connections.

Roswell mayor Jere Wood and Joe Lockwood from Milton both face re-election this year. Neither has begun raising funds as of June 30.

To put Bodker and Paul’s campaign warchests into perspective, let’s compare them to Alpharetta’s bruising three-way mayor’s race in 2011. The three candidates spent a total of $80,000. As of June 2011, only David Belle Isle had begun raising money. Bodker and Paul are each on a pace to blow away those campaign numbers.

The young cities of Johns Creek and Sandy Springs have never witnessed strong campaign battles for mayor. That’ll likely change this year. And coverage of these campaigns will eclipse every other campaign in north Fulton this year.

Only one city council incumbent in north Fulton has raised money as of June 30 – Donald Mitchell. He’s kicked in $20,000 of his own money into his re-election campaign. A handful of contributions have also trickled in, mostly from downtown business owners. The $23,000 in cash he has on hand is more than double what he spent on his entire campaign in 2011.

Clearly Mitchell feels vulnerable this year after his antics on a reality television show this spring. Without that embarrassment he was probably a shoe-in for re-election. He’s very friendly guy and is terrific at retail campaigning.

3 Responses to “Building campaign warchests in north Fulton”

  1. A July 15, 2013 at 11:22 am #

    I only wish I lived in Alpharetta so I could vote against that disgrace of a councilman, Donald Mitchell. But I’m in Milton and plan to vote against all incumbents anyway. They’ve done very little to nothing to slow poorly planned growth in the city and need to be sent a message at the ballot box.

  2. Mike July 16, 2013 at 1:54 am #

    I noticed that in councilmen Mitchell’s report that he loaned himself 10,000 dollars and then claimed that he received 10,000 from himself in contributions. So essentially he double claimed his loan, which makes it look like he has a lot of money. I’m not trying to say that something is fishy, but it certainly doesn’t look “kosher.” I think its misleading.

  3. S Lee Guy July 16, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    @Mike – The report makes it look like he contributed $10k and also loaned himself $10k. That’s quite possible. But if it is a mistake like you suggest then Mr Mitchell needs to file an amended disclosure.

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