Alpharetta’s Food Truck Alley

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I’ll admit it, I’m pretty late to the whole food truck thing.  Really, this whole area is just becoming fertile ground for these mobile restaurants.  The city of Alpharetta has embraced food trucks and have gathered numerous ones of them for the weekly Food Truck Alley in downtown Alpharetta. The event is held every Thursday from 5-9 PM on Old Roswell St behind Smokejack.  There’s a rotating schedule of food trucks along with live music.  The idea is to get folks into downtown for some community fellowship. It’s worked.

There were several problems I noted the first week, but I wanted to see how the event changed and evolved over a few weeks to hopefully get better.  The lines at the various trucks were agonizingly long.  It took me nearly 45 minutes to actually get to the truck to place my order.  As I stood in line, I wondered how long it would take the average person standing in line to decide that it wasn’t worth it and head to a restaurant.  In the successive weeks, the crowds have died a little, but lines are still hefty.  The city has also added more trucks, nine trucks was the last count up from six the first week.

Another issue I discovered the first week was the lack of bathrooms.  I looked all over the place.  Not a Porto potty to be had.  The next week, I saw several signs labeled “restrooms” pointing the way to the Porto potties.  Two to be exact, way across a parking lot.  Maybe they were there the first week, but certainly no one could have found them.  The week after, there was one more added a little closer to the event.  There wasn’t enough seating either.  A half-dozen tables were set up, which wasn’t nearly enough for the hoards of hungry folks.  People would take over a table and set up camp the whole time.  Most people were either sitting on curbs trying to handle their fare, or were taking a hike to the park across the street for the benches.  There have been more tables added over the last few weeks but not enough to handle the crowds.

The variety of food to chose from is excellent.  Trucks ranging from burgers to sandwiches to meatballs to Vietnamese to tacos to cupcakes give everyone something to like.  I visited several trucks including Happy Belly, Mighty Meatball Mobile, W.O.W., Ibiza bites, Pressed for Time (paninis), and Yum Yum Cupcakes.  Entree prices range from $7-10 with fries $2-4 extra.  Oh yeah, drinks are $2-4 also.  So you’re looking at nearly $20 a person at the end of the day.  Try several trucks and it really adds up.

Smokejack also had a table set up selling food and drinks.  Up the hill from the event, La Casa had a gigantic sign advertising beer and wine for sale.  $4-6 for a beer or glass of wine. There was a family at a table with a growler of beer.  That’s an idea I can support!

I’m not really swept up in the whole food truck thing.  The food is good, not great, and really pricey.  What I like most about Food Truck Alley is the sense of community.  Families, kids, pets; they’re all there.  It’s practically Norman Rockwell.  The space is really nice, with one large tree and several smaller ones.  Shops like Sis & Moons are open for visitors.  There are several buckets of sidewalk chalk out for the kids, and me (I couldn’t help it).

The live music is one of the best aspects of Food Truck Alley.  And the best part is, the bands are composed of 12-16 year olds.  They’re really good!  They jam hits from Led Zeppelin, the Who, Bush and Aerosmith. I was impressed.

Downtown Alpharetta is a really great place to be.  I overhead someone say on the way to the Porto-potty, “I didn’t even know this was back here”.  I think that’s the idea behind the Food Truck Alley – feed people and get them to come downtown and hang out.  Hopefully, the city will address a few of the nagging problems to make this a great event for years to come.

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  1. Cool Papa Bell:

    $7+$2+$2=”nearly $20 per person.”

  2. Brent H.:

    Food trucks are definitely not a budget friendly family dinner option. But, like you, I really enjoy the variety of choices and the community aspect of the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley. And I’ll happily follow King of Pops to any destination where they set up a cart.

    Also, those middle schoolers belting out Nirvana are adorable. (Er, I mean totally hardcore!) Atlanta School of Rock is a great program.

  3. Scsa31274:

    Also 10+4+4= nearly 20 bucks. There aren’t that many items that I saw that were either extreme of that $7-10 range. Mostly $8-9 for an entree. We ate last night and for 2 burgers, 1 order of fries, and 2 bottles of water was $24. Good food but it is a little pricey for not being inside. We brought our own chairs and that helped.

  4. J:

    We went this week and left due to lack of seating. They need about 3X the tables and it would be much better. We were also shocked at the prices for food from a food truck. Was expecting it to be much cheaper but if people will pay I guess they are charging correctly.

  5. Jimmy:

    The food truck Facebook page addressed some of this too. Called the lines part of the experience. It adds to the community to stand and chat. I look forward to going more this summer. With it being school night last time I couldn’t hang out too long but cant stop thinking about the sriracha cheese dip at yumbii that sounded so good.

    I would like to see a follow up from you on food suggestions and best trucks in a few weeks if you continue to go.

    Is it wrong to start pushing your 6 year old to want to join a rock group?

  6. Jen:

    Had been looking forward to checking it out, but thinking I’ll opt to patronize one of our local restaurants instead. Have you noticed if it is bringing more people to area restaurants as well, as was indicated when it was proposed? I’m thinking it is a great deal for the food truck owners. No building codes to worry about (having to provide bathrooms, parking spaces and worry about location and marketing-all paid for by the city). Being a person who loves to cook (and eat!), and judging from the menu above, they are making a killing!

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