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I have three $20 gift cards to First Watch to give away today. You have to participate in the discussion to be eligible to win. Details at the end of this article.

Recently I had lunch with someone in the restaurant leasing business. She asked me what restaurant trends were dying off in Alpharetta and which ones still has gas left in the tank. Thought it would be cool to turn this question over to my blog readers.

What trends are you excited about in the Alpharetta-area restaurant scene? I’ll throw out a few to kick off the discussion.

Breakfast – The market for upscale breakfast/brunch is booming! First Watch opened in Johns Creek a few months ago. Later this year they will open a new restaurant on Old Milton Parkway. It’ll be pretty close to competitor Another Broken Egg. Also in Johns Creek is Egg Harbor Cafe. Are these upscale breakfast joints bringing something new to your first meal of the day? They seem to stay pretty crowded.

Main Street Alpharetta – There’s a lot in the pipeline for Main Street and I’m pretty excited about it. Salt Factory and Main Street Cafe are moving up from Roswell’s Canton Street. Hop Alley Brew Pub is being built out. And up the street will be Campania Pizzeria.

Burgers – Still cloggin’ up our arteries. Burger FI is coming to Windward. Burger 21 is a maybe. And Tower Burger is still in the works for south Main Street. Will any of these guys bring us a burger we don’t already have? And is Windward saturated with burger joints? I think so. Who will be the first to close? Smashburger with their well-documented service problems? Five Guys? Scratch?

Craft Beer – Growler stores are hot. I know of two more opening in the east Alpharetta/Johns Creek area. On top of this we’ll have a handful of brew pubs and one brewery. How will growler stores distinguish themselves from each other? Price? Location? Variety? Bible studies?

Frozen Yogurt – Is it dead yet? A few have died off but many survive. Do people still eat this stuff? Is there a market for a new, full-service ice cream parlor?

Doughnuts – This business is going gangbusters in south Forsyth. Why not in Alpharetta? Why doesn’t someone open a hand-crafted doughnut shop on Windward or North Point?

So pick a trend and leave a comment! Are these here to stay or are we over-saturated? What else does this area need?

Here’s the fine print on the First Watch giveaway… First, I’m getting nothing in return for this offer. I have three gift cards valued at $20 each to give out. I’ll pick three comments using a random number generator to be the winners. Winners will be picked Sunday afternoon. Please leave a real e-mail address with your comment. It’s not displayed on my blog, only to me and I’ll keep it private. These are physical gift cards so I’ll have to snail mail them to winners or otherwise work out a way to meet up.

53 Responses to “Alpharetta restaurant trends – First Watch giveaway”

  1. Lee April 9, 2013 at 8:35 am #

    If that came from any other restaurant I would be alarmed. But not from Breadtime. These guys are very European and take European vacations. I think it was last summer when they closed for two weeks to go back to Deutschland. Alles klar, herr kommissar?

  2. Heidi April 9, 2013 at 10:55 pm #

    I am in agreement regarding the “overpopulation” of frozen yogurt joints (and absolutely hate the word “fro-yo”). If only we could replace the copious amount of those places with creperies…

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a doughnut shop with the Dutch Monkey mindset take up some space further south in Alpharetta.

  3. Erin HG April 12, 2013 at 3:10 pm #

    I know I’m late to the party – but still wanted to throw in my $.02 for more ehtnic restaurants in North Fulton! I envy Sandy when she had all that amazing flavor and culture near her on Buford Hwy. Ramen? Pho? Korean BBQ? Cuban? Vietnamese? Carribbean? YES. PLEASE. And yeah, Southern/Soul Food too!

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