What to do with Rucker Road?

What would you do about Rucker Road?

It’s a question the city of Alpharetta is kicking around. A few weeks back Council talked the issue over in a work session. They’ve since created three public forums for input. The first was last week. The second is tomorrow night at the Crabapple Government Center. A third meeting is February 26th at City Hall.

An intersection improvement idea along Rucker Road

I like that the city comes in with no preconceived ideas at these meetings. There are no powerpoints, no fancy storyboards and apparently no secret agenda being pushed. It’s a sincere effort to measure the input of the residents. That’s refreshing for a change.

And the general consensus after the first meeting seems to be that Rucker Road should not be widened.

There are a handful of small to medium sized neighborhoods along Rucker as well as some churches. The residents don’t feel safe on the road. Forget walking along it. And turning left out of a subdivision during rush hour is fraught with danger.

Also remember that this part of Alpharetta will see more and more new neighborhoods. Developers want to build homes on small 15,000 square foot lots all over the northwest portion of the city. The applications are stacking up at City Hall.

So I don’t blame the local residents for trying to keep this road from getting any bigger.

But on the flip side, east/west traffic flow is a problem. It’s true of the entire northern stretch of metro Atlanta. It’s a huge problem in north Fulton. There is no easy way to commute from Milton and Cherokee to the technology centers in Alpharetta. Widening Rucker Road would help with this.

It would also help get cars to and from the Crabapple area. This gastronome would love to dine in Crabapple more often but it’s the devil to get there at times. Then again, planners in Crabapple don’t seem to want me and my car in their mixed-use oasis.

So what’s the solution for little Rucker Road? I see good arguments on both sides. If I had to guess I’d say that new turn lanes and better walking paths are in Rucker’s future. But Alpharetta and Milton cannot ignore the east/west traffic flow problem forever.

If you’re a resident of this part of the city I’d encourage you to participate in the process and attend a meeting. I’d also encourage you to stay plugged in to the rezoning cases in northwest Alpharetta. They’re not gonna go away.

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  1. Michael Cross February 21, 2013 at 9:27 am #

    Thank you for this article, Lee. I think this is of particular importance for residents along Rucker Road, but I want to confirm the invitation is open to all our citizens to participate, not just those along the corridor.

  2. Julie Hogg February 21, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    I turn left on Rucker daily and the left turns are dependent upon the timing of the traffic lights at Broadwell and Harris…at present there is just enough of a gap to make a left turn even at the worst moments. If Rucker is used MORE is a thoroughfare, e.g. to relieve traffic on Houze, THEN that will become trickier. But the worst time to try and make a left is when church services are underway at St. Thomas. I’ve never seen so many cars pull into a church parking lot in my life!

  3. A February 21, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    Lee–off topic, but a friend tried to go to Boga Taqueria for lunch today and said it was closed…looks like for good. If true, I’ll really miss their carrot jalapeno soup!

  4. Kim February 22, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    Very glad to see more listening.

  5. Mala March 11, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    I live off Rucker Rd, so off course my answer to this is a big no to the widening. I see people from Cobb and Cherokee county zooming down this road like it’s a highway. I say BRAVO to the Alpharetta police for doing a great job in nabbing these driving from speeding down Rucker road. It’s not my problem that you live far from the highway. Leave home earlier or move closer to your job.

    If Alpharetta is a mixed-use, suburban-urban ‘live where you work’ community, lets keep it that way. It’s not an access point to 400 for Cobb and Cherokee residence, so I don’t think we should encourage it. If you work in Alpharetta, suck it up and live here. Get a smaller home and reduce your commute.

    Also, instead of road widening, why aren’t we talking about fixining the pitiful sidewikes on Rucker road. What a mess! City council needs to take care of it’s own and give homeowners and their children decent side walks so we don’t have to drive 1/2 mile to safely get to Wils Park or downtown. In fact, the whole city should be connected by sidewalks and the city should be promoting WALKING to work, school, the mall, downtown etc. There sure are a lot of people that could use the exercise around here.

  6. Barbara March 1, 2014 at 10:58 am #

    I agree with Mala. Having lived here all my life paying high prices for our homes and high property taxes as well, I feel strongly that the residents along Rucker Road should continue to enjoy the somewhat quiet community we cherish. Yes build sidewalks and stop speeders who think they are on Ga 400 without regard to the safety of the children, animals and homeowners! People who choose to live in the cheap rent and tax district West and Northwest should be willing to go slow or take alternative routes that do not pass through a rural area like Crabapple..

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