Wanted for murder: Shane Woods

The murder/suicide in Johns Creek is horrible and tragic. Unfortunately it is having the effect of pushing this story back a few pages in the newspapers. Let’s catch this scumbag.

Alpharetta police are seeking Shane Demetrice Woods, age 22, to face charges of murder. He may also be known as Yung Slim ABG. Police are offering a $1,000 award for information that leads to his capture and arrest.

Shane Woods is wanted for the murder of Zachary Rose. Rose was shot and killed in the Stoneridge subdivision on January 28.

Woods should be considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, dial 911.

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  1. SCSA31274:

    Wait a minute, a guy wanted to murder that also has tattoos on his neck? Hold on, the room’s spinng. I gotta sit down.

    Seriously, let’s help find this guy.

  2. Alpharetta:

    Has this ghetto thug been found yet? Get this trash out of Alpharetta and let justice be served!

  3. That one guy:

    I hope they find him before I do

  4. decatur:

    Just senseless…his LIFE is over!

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