Did a Fulton Science Academy benefactor purchase their land?

Has a Fulton Science Academy benefactor swooped in to save the embattled school’s construction project? Perhaps.

FSA’s stalled construction project off Westside Parkway was sold in a foreclosure auction this past Tuesday. WSBtv reported this week via twitter that a firm by the name of TruGlobe Inc purchased the land on the courthouse steps for $3.2 million.

TruGlobe is based here in Alpharetta, according to records at the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. Principals with the company appear to be of Turkish descent and have ties to the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce.

Or it could all be an amazing coincidence. This blogger bets that the FSA will pursue a new state charter and attempt to revive their plans for new campus.

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  1. Pam Steen:

    This is great news! FSA’s closure was not for an academic reason anyway. FSA has always had an outstanding academic success. What happened last year was pretty much politics at it’s cynical worst.

    I am very pleased to hear that FSA will fulfill their dreams of building a wonderful campus at that land. They certainly deserved it.

    In my opinion, FSA Private School will be a better idea than having a charter there. We will see.

    Being the Technology City of Georgia, this is a great news for Alpharetta. We should have a party! :)

  2. Veritas:

    Purchased for $3.2 million, but Wells Fargo was owed HOW MUCH more on the mortgage??

  3. Veritas:

    On the Georgia Secretary of State’s website, corporation information for TruGlobe lists three officers. One does business with Gulen owned and operated news/publishing houses (Zaman, Samanyolu) and another officer is associated with the Gulenist Fatih University.

  4. Lee:

    @Pam – They were closed due to lack of transparency. I hope they remain a private school. This way they can as transparent or as non-transparent as they want to be and not have to answer to the taxpayers. It’s what’s best for everyone involved.

    Maybe their new benefactors will continue with their generous ways and build that shiny new school. I wish them the best.

    I fear the FSA will apply for a state charter. We’ll end of having this debate all over again.

  5. Pam Steen:

    @Lee – You echo Fulton County School System. I don’t buy those buzzwords fed to the public by FCSS. Transparency was just another buzzword FCSS used to defame the school. I made my own research and read everything including audit, Gulen and GlassRatner’s report to Fulton County School System. It is very clear to me. What happened was politics at it’s cynical worst!

    I do not see any problem if FSA has a charter school as well. I will not side with those who discriminate these great educators. They work hard, they serve our children well and they deserve it. I am very happy for them if they really purchased the land. I hope that they do a grand opening and a big party. :) We certainly need successful schools like FSA for our students to compete in global economy.

  6. P:

    Lee, according to “FSA Staff” the intention is to proceed with the building.

    One wonders if the newly recreated State Commission on Charter Schools is aware of the connections between Fulton Science Academy and TruGlobe. Surely since (on February 6, the day after the sale) FSA staff was already confident that a school will be constructed on that site, there IS a connection somewhere?

    Or did FSA’s attorneys say there is no connection?

  7. Lee:

    @Pam – I also read the audits and the FSA replies. Go back and read what I wrote here on my blog a year ago. There was plenty of blame to go around, on both the school system and FSA. I called it both ways. It’s also worth noting that I’m not a Gullen conspiracy theorist. Might say I’m a bit sympathetic to their cause.

    There’s no reason to doubt the teachers at the FSA. They do a terrific job. But I have no confidence in the school’s administration.

  8. Fulton County Parent:

    Go FSA! Stay private! It was an embarrassment to our state of what happened last year. But good always come from bad. Those administrators and teachers should be commended for weathering the storm. They truly know what education is about. Dr Avossa should be taking notes, but his ego is too large.

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