Alpharetta Jobs – November 2012

Largest Employers  
Verizon 120
ADP 79
McKesson 75
Radiant/NCR 59
LexisNexis 53
Equifax 50
Siemens 48
Comcast 17
Ryder 15
AIG 13
E-Trade 12
UPS 10
HP 5
Alcatel-Lucent 0

Requests come in from time to time for me to dust off the old jobs report column. This used to be a monthly feature here on Roots with the numbers trended. Unfortunately in 2012 your blogger hasn’t had the time to tabulate these stats.

How does this report work? I query the career websites of scores of Alpharetta-area employers and tally up the number of openings. This report was gathered on November 13th. All attempts are made to maintain accuracy but errors are possible.

What do the numbers show? There are over 800 advertised positions, mainly in information technology, healthcare and insurance. The degree to which employers are filling these positions is tough to measure. These could be open requisitions that are just sitting out there. Or on the other hand, firms may have interviews scheduled all day to fill these spots.

But what we can see is trends. For example, Windward Parkway’s HP has only five openings, down from a high of close to 150 last year. On the other hand, telecom hiring at Verizon (in both their residential and wireless businesses) has grown substantially over this time last year.

Alpharetta’s relatively low employment numbers might explain the results in this report. This area continues to enjoy the state’s lowest unemployment rates.

On November 1st RedPrairie announced the $1.9 billion acquisition of Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA. The combined company will be the largest pure-play supply chain management software shop in the nation.

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