Alpharetta Jobs – November 2012

Largest Employers  
Verizon 120
ADP 79
McKesson 75
Radiant/NCR 59
LexisNexis 53
Equifax 50
Siemens 48
Comcast 17
Ryder 15
AIG 13
E-Trade 12
UPS 10
HP 5
Alcatel-Lucent 0

Requests come in from time to time for me to dust off the old jobs report column. This used to be a monthly feature here on Roots with the numbers trended. Unfortunately in 2012 your blogger hasn’t had the time to tabulate these stats.

How does this report work? I query the career websites of scores of Alpharetta-area employers and tally up the number of openings. This report was gathered on November 13th. All attempts are made to maintain accuracy but errors are possible.

What do the numbers show? There are over 800 advertised positions, mainly in information technology, healthcare and insurance. The degree to which employers are filling these positions is tough to measure. These could be open requisitions that are just sitting out there. Or on the other hand, firms may have interviews scheduled all day to fill these spots.

But what we can see is trends. For example, Windward Parkway’s HP has only five openings, down from a high of close to 150 last year. On the other hand, telecom hiring at Verizon (in both their residential and wireless businesses) has grown substantially over this time last year.

Alpharetta’s relatively low employment numbers might explain the results in this report. This area continues to enjoy the state’s lowest unemployment rates.

On November 1st RedPrairie announced the $1.9 billion acquisition of Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA. The combined company will be the largest pure-play supply chain management software shop in the nation.

Mid-sized Employers  
Infor 41
MedAssets 32
Verint Systems 32
RedPrairie 26
Scientific Games 23
Traveners Insurance 17
AT&T 12
ACE American Insurnace 11
Marketsource 9
VeriFone 9
Total System Services 8
Colorox 8
IPSwitch 8
ISTA North America 8
Landis+Gyr 7
Hanjin Shipping 6
Colonial Pipeline 4
Coca-Cola Refreshments 3
Leaseplan USA 3
LaFarge 3
Crown Castle 3
Amdocs 3
Honda 3
Metlife 2
Ciena 2
Phillips 2
Microsoft 2
AdvancED 2
ThyssenKrupp 2
Research in Motion 1
Promethean 1
Neehan Paper 1
Outcomes Health 0
New York Life 0
GXS/Inovis 0
Farmers Insurance 0

What gives politicians and business leaders angst is the possibility of a firm leaving Alpharetta after a large merger like this. Cost savings are certainly on the minds of executives and office consolidation is an easy way to do that. Might the Prairie leave their digs on Brookside Parkway for sunny Arizona, taking hundreds of well-paid cubicle dwellers with them?

We had the same conversation about RedPrairie’s next door neighbor, Radiant. In July 2011 Gwinnett County-based NCR purchased Radiant. As of now, their Alpharetta office is still open and seeking 59 new employees. There’s a lot that goes into a corporate relocation and they take time. But if RedPrairie and Radiant both leave Alpharetta, Brookside Parkway could become the equivalent of a cubicle ghost town.

But back to the jobs report. Is this information useful and relevant to the business and IT community of Alpharetta? I occasionally get emails regarding these stats. The Revue and News continues to ask to publish them (look in next week’s paper). But as a reader of my blog, do you find them interesting and curious, or a waste of valuable space in the internet pipes? Let me know!

4 Responses to “Alpharetta Jobs – November 2012”

  1. J November 14, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Thanks for posting. I always enjoy seeing who is hiring in the Apharetta area. I find it interesting so many openings at the end of a year. I would expect this number to go much higher in January and February when companies have new openings with 2013 budgets.

  2. Jeremiah Buckley November 14, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Hi, Mr. Guy, nice post. I didn’t know you did posts about employment numbers. Since moving to the area I’ve checked here for restaurant info (which I appreciate!).

    Eze Castle Software (owned by ConvergEx) recently opened a development office on N. P. Parkway, and we’re hiring. Add us to your totals. We’re looking for a handful of people before the end of the year, with more to come next year, most likely.



  3. chuck smith November 19, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    Great post. Trying to relocate to the area, and this is a good resource

  4. Sara November 20, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    Great post. My better half is one of those “relatively low” unemployment statistics here in Alpharetta, and this list is a handy tool for his job search efforts. Thank you!

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