Alpharetta – Technology City of the South

Mayor David Belle Isle made good on a campaign promise this week with the formation of Alpharetta’s Technology Commission. The new group kicked things off by hosting Governor Nathan Deal. The governor also helped the group with a declaration proclaiming Alpharetta to be the technology city of the south. The phrase will become a branding initiative for the city. As a technologist in Alpharetta, I love the designation!

The commission will consist of representatives from the city’s largest technology companies such as HP and McKesson. It’s so very important for Alpharetta to remain close to these companies. The city spends a lot of time attracting new business yet retention of tech firms is equally important.

A lot of factors are at play when a company decides to pick up and move. Many of these factors are out of the hands of local control – think mergers and acquisitions. (I still believe Radiant’s Alpharetta office is likely to close following their acquisition by NCR) However there may be small things city government can do to keep larger employers happy. This might be as simple as adding turn lanes to roads or other municipal service changes.

A commission like this gives the city a line of communication to these firms. Some of these companies have been in Alpharetta going on 25 years and likely are not as plugged in locally as they once were. Now they are. I’m pleased to see this come together. Well done Alpharetta.

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