Farm to Table in Alpharetta?

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Does the Alpharetta area have an honest-to-goodness farm to table restaurant? I don’t believe any local restaurants have truly embraced a 100% locally sourced menu at this time. However, each summer several restaurants come pretty close to the goal. If you’re hungry for vegetables that are right-out-of-the-garden fresh, these are your best options.

Milton’s Cuisine

Each year the “Milton’s Acre” garden continues to expand. These amateur gardeners are getting pretty good at the craft. It doesn’t hurt that Milton is still home to many who work the land and are willing to give advice.

Milton’s does an awesome job promoting their garden and its bounty via social media. Their Facebook page has scores of pictures and several videos documenting the progression of their garden.

Cucumber salad from Casa Nuova

Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant

Chef Antonio’s farm is less than a mile down Francis Road from their south Forsyth restaurant. Ask about it and they’re likely to invite you over for a tour. They’re also likely to send you home with some extra veggies.

Casa Nuova also documents their harvest on Facebook, although the photography is not quite as slick and polished as Milton’s.

Fagan’s Biscuit Barn

I’m a bit reluctant to include Fagan’s in this space. After all, the restaurant decorates with cans of veggies along the wall. It doesn’t exactly exude freshness. But all summer the restaurant has featured a fresh vegetable market on their front porch. Are these veggies on the menu? Maybe.

Be sure to ask which of their veggie selections are fresh. At lunch yesterday they has fresh collard greens, tomato slices and English peas. Fresh corn is often on the menu as well. Other options are likely from a can, despite farm-fresh options on the porch. Disappointing.

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  1. Brent:

    What about 5 Seasons Brewing? They appear to source most of their produce from local farms. I think they have some kind of farm exchange program for the spent grain that’s left over from brewing beer, too. The website highlights what’s currently “in season” locally and lists the area farms they work with. This probably doesn’t constitute true “farm-to-table”, but as you indicated, it’s more than can be said for most restaurants in Alpharetta.

    Farm-to-table is one trend I’d really like to see gaining more momentum up here OTP.

  2. Brandon Burns:


    Can you find out what happened re: Milton’s and the departure of their chef Boyd Rose?

  3. Lee:

    I’ll see what I can find out. I noticed while researching this article that he is no longer listed on the Milton’s website.

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