Alpharetta’s City Council opposes T-SPLOST

“Do you support the T-SPLOST referendum?” It was a simple question I posed individually to each of Alpharetta’s council members. The answers surprised me.

City Council T-SPLOST Votes

Elected Official


David Belle Isle

No *

Donald Mitchell


Mike Kennedy


Chris Owens

Didn't Answer

Jim Gilvin


Michael Cross


DC Aiken


* Chris Owens didn’t respond to two emails asking the question. Mayor Belle Isle also didn’t respond but came out against T-SPLOST during his campaign last year.

The overwhelming opposition from Alpharetta’s elected officials underscores how unpopular and undesirable this initiative truly is. Remember that Alpharetta has always been considered a pro-business city. Two councilmen, Michael Cross and Chris Owens, have Chamber of Commerce ties. Yet even with the Chamber’s strong endorsement of T-SPLOST, council members are lining up against it.

Also remember that several local road projects within Alpharetta would receive funding form T-SPLOST. Councilmen Cross and Owens served together on a committee that drafted the early project list for T-SPLOST in north Fulton. That close involvement wasn’t enough to win Cross’ vote.

“The amount of funds being devoted to mass transit troubles me, especially since the state still has not fixed the transit governance problem,” Cross told me. I wholeheartedly agree.

If you run into Chris Owens between now and July 31st, ask him how he’ll vote.

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  1. Kim:

    Silence is tacit consent.

  2. David:

    Your website, specificially this article posting, was referenced on WGST 640am radio this morning. Congrats on becoming famous for doing such good work.

  3. TLC:

    The 7/23 Citizens for Transportation Mobility (pro-TSPLOST) Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report shows Lowe Engineering donated $1000. Chris Owens is a principal at Lowe Engineers.

  4. Mark:

    Honestly, is ANYONE surprised by his silence? Great job Lee, but we didn’t need your survey to know his position.

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