Taking Wills Park for granted

Dear Wills Park,

I have a confession to make. We cheated on you. My kids love your various playgrounds and walking trails. But when a Saturday errand found our minivan in Atlanta, we were tempted to try another. It was a mistake that made us truly appreciate all the terrific Alpharetta-area playgrounds.

I should have know before we even arrived at Piedmont Park. The potholes in the midtown Atlanta roads nearly swallowed our car. After slaloming most of Atlanta’s road craters we arrived at the parking deck. It was littered with signs warning us of potential crimes.

Next we walked and walked until we found the playground. It was a decent place with newer equipment. But my kids quickly bored of it all. Nothing really stood out and there was no where to hide from evil siblings. After maybe five minutes my daughter approached and said “We want to go to Wacky World.”

Off we trekked to find the parking deck, praying that whatever I had inside the minivan was still there. Thankfully all remained although my wallet was $2 lighter upon leaving. It seemed like a steep charge for the little amount of time we were there.

We attempted to salvage our midtown experience with a trip to the legendary rib joint Fat Matts. Certainly a half rack of ribs would cheer me up. But the near flavorless meat left me craving real barbecue. Were these things boiled ahead of time? Seems so.

So I pointed the minivan towards GA-400 and paid the toll that was supposed to have ended by now. Before too long we were rolling on the smooth and well-maintained roads of Alpharetta. Our minivan found a free parking spot almost in the shadow of the wacky world playground. And a minute later my daughter was getting dizzy on a wildly-spinning tire swing while her brother disappeared inside of a dragon. All was right in the world again.

So please forgive our lapse in judgement. You and your sister parks are outstanding, among the best in all of metro Atlanta. We will never again take you for granted.

Photo credit: DeFamilie

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  1. Greg:

    Used to love Fat Matt’s, but sadly they’ve seemed to have gone downhill.

  2. Greg:

    As a side note, if you ever somehow get stuck down there again, try Fox Brothers BBQ. Almost everything there is excellent, but stay away from the burnt ends – too much sauce.

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