Brandon Beach, T-SPLOST and a healthy dose of irony

For the next few weeks Roots in Alpharetta will run a series called Senate Saturday focused on upcoming state Senate races.

- Lowering taxes is essential to job growth. When individuals retain more of their income, they invest that money back into their community.
- President Reagan once said, “Man is not free, unless government is limited.”
- We need to cut the size and scope of government.

These are quotes taken from a local state Senate campaign website. This is boilerplate language for anyone running as a Republican in this area. Lower taxes, smaller government and a Reagan quote thrown in for good measure. Certainly no candidate with a campaign message like this would support a $6.1 billion tax increase? Right?

Meet Brandon Beach, Republican candidate for state Senate district 21. These quotes are from his website. They were used to to explain the cornerstones of his campaign – lower taxes and less government.

However, Beach supports the transportation sales tax known as T-SPLOST. The tax would hit metro Atlanta consumers to the tune of $6.1 billion during a tepid economy.

Actually, using the word “supports” doesn’t truly reflect his enthusiasm for the new tax. Beach is all-in for T-SPLOST. In the early days of his campaign he was making as much news talking up T-SPLOST as he was his senate race. He hosted T-SPLOST fundraisers and stumped for the ballot measure at every event he attended. He used his pulpit as Chamber of Commerce president and North Fulton CID director to push for votes and dollars.

Additionally, the T-SPLOST would increase the bloated transportation bureaucracy that Beach helps lead as a GDOT board member. Many who oppose T-SPLOST cite distrust of transportation leaders as a primary reason. And recent polls show opposition for T-SPLOST increasing.

The AJC’s Politifact website gave Governor Nathan Deal a “full flip flop” rating over his support of T-SPLOST while pledging not to raise taxes. At least Deal waited until after he was elected to flip flop on a tax increase. The irony is thick in Beach’s circumstance. The tax increase he supports is on the same ballot as his primary.

So can you make lower taxes a cornerstone of your campaign while supporting a $6.1 billion tax increase? Can you preach the virtues of smaller government while trying to expand the bureaucracy you help oversee? Will voters let Brandon Beach have it both ways? We’ll know July 31st.

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  1. William July 4, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    With all due respect Mr. Beach is aiming for the target, not the ‘best’ concerns of his voters and if I have to tell you this you do need not too know it……period.

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