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Meet John Peltier. By day he’s a mild-mannered software consultant. But on weekends he dons the apron and transforms into a foodie entrepreneur. He’s teamed up with his wife Phay to create Crepe Cottage, a mobile crepe station and catering operation.

Like any business duo, each partner has their specialty. John is the marketing machine and has been responsible for their social media presence. They are on Facebook, Twitter (@CrepeCottage), and even YouTube.

Phay has the crepe talent. When they’re busy (which is often the case) you’ll find her next to a propane-powered crepe griddle. It’s best to watch this YouTube video to see her work in action. She starts with a ladle of crepe batter that lands in the middle of the griddle. Much like a pancake this batter cooks quickly. Yet unlike a pancake there is no leavening agent (like baking powder) in crepe batter.



The secret to crepes is to spread the batter around quickly. You can tell Phay has done this a time or two. Using a thin spatula-like device she twists and turns her wrists in circles, spreading the batter evenly across the entire surface of the griddle. The process is finished in seconds.

But the crepe is not finished. It’s real duty is to serve as a vehicle to deliver taste and flavor. Phay folds the crepe in half and considers its fillings. On this day I choose banana and Nutella on my first crepe. An entire sliced banana goes in along with a generous helping of Nutella. It is folded again, quartered, and allowed to warm up on the griddle. A paper plate is folded around the crepe and served. It’s almost like eating a large waffle cone of gooey, fruity goodness. The crepe provides some texture although tended to get a little soggy on the last few bites.

I also tried their strawberry and cream crepe. This creation has a white chocolate cream along with fresh strawberry slices. It was good but the creme was very messy and hard to contain. The Nutella crepe was easily the favorite in my group. I had a tough time wrestling this away from my daughter.

Crepe Cottage also has a savory side of their menu. If you try them at a farmer’s market then there’s a good chance the savory menu will be mostly breakfast items. I regret that I didn’t try anything here before my review.

All in all I enjoyed the crepes. They are a little pricey, around $8 each, but are large enough to share. And given time I think they can expand their menu to be a little more adventurous. Since my visit they have rolled out an Elvis crepe which is basically the banana/Nutella crepe with added bacon. Oh my.

The Peltiers plan to split their Saturdays this Spring and Summer between the farmer’s markets in Alpharetta and Sandy Springs. It might be best to check their website or social media channels before trying to catch them. They are also available for catering.
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3 Responses to “Crepe Cottage – Alpharetta Farmer’s Market”

  1. Mala May 4, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    $8 sounds pretty expensive for a crepe with Nutella. I can make crepes at home for a few cents. There’s not much to the batter.

  2. Brent May 4, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    I see people horfing down these crepes at the farmer’s market every Saturday, and they always have a look of unadulterated bliss on their faces. Some day soon day I’ll break down and buy one. The past couple of weeks I’ve been pacifying myself with a lower-calorie treat from the nice cupcake ladies at the back of the market instead.

  3. juju May 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Mala, I can tell by your comment you have never had crepes from the Crepe Cottage. I have made crepes at home also and there is nothing to my batter either, but Crepe Cottage batter is made by a true artist, yummmm. Treat yourself to theirs and you will come back time after time. I think they should sell the dry mix with instructions so I can enjoy their crepes more than once a week.

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