Appen Newspapers’ Best of 2012

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Voting is underway in the Appen Newspapers’ Best of 2012. This is a yearly survey conducted by the paper that asks readers for their favorites in a number of categories. Appen’s broad reach in print and online (in all of north Fulton and south Forsyth) makes this poll a pretty good barometer of overall favorability. I encourage my readers to click this banner and participate. It really doesn’t take much time.

Even though I struggled with how to vote on a lot of questions, I thought I would share my personal preferences. Here are a handful of my choices. Leave me a comment and let me know how you voted.

Best Ethnic Restaurant – Jerusalem Bakery. Mexican restaurants have dominated this category in years past. I might agree with a Latin choice here for a place like Mambo’s Cafe or Boga Taqueria. But in my opinion, Jerusalem Bakery is a gem of a restaurant that doesn’t get enough recognition.

Best Breakfast – BB’s Bagels. Nothing compares to the water-boiled bagels at BB’s. Their everything bagel is a weekly obsession for me. Past winners in this category have included J Christophers which show the chain’s popularity.

Best Dessert – The Chocolatier at The Avenue Forsyth. It’s probably not a choice most would consider. The truffles here are magnificent and stunningly beautiful. The hands-on favorite for this category is always Alpine Bakery in Crabapple. Alpine’s cakes are beautiful creations and they offer a dazzling array of choices in their expanded restaurant. But in the taste and flavor department, Alpine’s cakes have always let me down.

Best Pizza – Verra-Zanno in Johns Creek. I love the pizza choices we have in north Fulton. Among my favorites are Brooklyn Joes (who was a finalists in this category in years past), Vintage Pizza in Crabapple and Sid’s Pizza in south Forsyth. Verra-Zanno continues to be my personal favorite based on quality of ingredients and consistency of product.

Best BBQ – Grand Champion BBQ. This is a bit of a stretch since these guys are in east Cobb, but their pending arrival in Crabapple will shake the BBQ scene in this area. Until that happens, look for ‘Cue in Milton to run away with this category.

Best Overall Restaurant – I didn’t vote. You’d think I would have an opinion here but I found the question amazingly tough. It would be like asking me to pick my favorite child. I can’t do it. But in this category Appen’s readers usually pick the type of restaurant you’d take your wife on an anniversary date. Places like Milton’s in Crabapple, Cabernet or Village Tavern usually do well. Strangely the readers usually stick to the immediate Alpharetta area and don’t select something in Roswell.

I didn’t vote for much else in the survey. I selected Publix as best grocery store (Whole Foods and Harrys are too expensive for everyday shopping). Muse was my pick for best hair salon. My wife always looks amazing after visiting this trendy place. And for best realtor I selected fellow blogger Bob Strader.

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  1. David May 25, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    Got to agree with BB’s Bagels. I get the Eggs Benedict over an Everything bagel rather than an English Muffin and it is heavenly. We prefer the State Bridge location over the original off of Mcfarland. The staff is more friendly and I don’t feel rushed like I do at Mcfarland. They even have Blueberry pancakes that rival some of the best in North Fulton.

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