Taste of Alpharetta 2012 – A Preview

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Alpharetta’s humongous restaurant festival is almost upon us. On Thursday May 10th the city’s population will expand (as well at its waist) as tens of thousands of foodies descend upon downtown. And yes, I said downtown! This year the event has moved from the Will Park area where it lived for several years. I suppose with all the attention on reviving Alpharetta’s downtown scene, bringing the city’s biggest festival down there wouldn’t hurt.

I usually write this article ahead of the event to highlight a few restaurants I want to try. This year I’m going to focus on new restaurants that have opened since this time last year. I’m happy to see many of them planning booths at the festival. Here’s where I would spend a few tickets.

Breadtime - This mom and pop German bakery is going to time their grand opening to coincide with Taste of Alpharetta. Smart move. I’m a huge fan of this place and it’s killing me not to write more about them. They asked me not to write a review until they officially open.

I’m not sure what Breadtime is bringing to the event. But whatever it is I’m sure it’s worth your tickets. Their sandwiches are awesome as is their pasta.

Dal Cuore - It took owner Jon Agri a few tries to find a restaurant concept that fit here. Dal Cuore has attracted a loyal following with their “humble” cooking in a city awash with above-average Italian restaurants. If you have not tried this small restaurant then you ought to try a sample at the festival.

Bite - If you followed me on twitter (@rootsalpharetta) during last year’s event then you know what I’m about to talk about. A popular item at Taste of Alpharetta has always been braised pork in a taco or slider. It’s everywhere and rather boring. However, if Bite chooses to make this then you should buy two of them. Their mole-braised pork taco is amazing – by far my favorite item on their menu.

Seven Seas Mediterrean Caf√© - I’ve not yet tried this small restaurant on Devore Road. Quite honestly, if I’m in the neighborhood then I’ll be at Breadtime across the street. But they might be the newest restaurant at Taste of Alpharetta this year. That alone is worth a try.

La Casa Italian Grill - Go say hi to the super nice folks behind downtown Alpharetta’s newest restaurant. I’d wait to see what these guys are offering before giving up a ticket. In my opinion, Alpine Bakery or Dal Cuore are better choices for Italian food at the event.

Burgers - Something we don’t see a lot of at this event. Smashburger is on the list of restaurants as is The Counter from Mansell Road. My pick here would be The Counter. And spending an inexpensive¬† ticket here might not be a bad idea as burgers at their restaurant are pretty pricey.

Sweets - If you’ve got leftover tickets that you need to blow, why not take home some sweets? M Chocolat might not be a bad idea. They are Alpharetta’s newest chocolate shop on Old Milton Parkway. Another might be Heavenly Gourmet Popcorn. And while this isn’t a new restaurant, Wildflour has won past awards at Taste of Alpharetta for their cookies.

The entire list of restaurants can be found on the city’s website along with a lot more details. Here are the vitals:

What: Taste of Alpharetta
Where: Downtown Alpharetta
When: Thursday May 10th, 5-10pm
Cost: Free to get in, food samples range from $1-3

2 Responses to “Taste of Alpharetta 2012 – A Preview”

  1. Greg May 10, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    I’m looking forward to trying whatever Bite has. We went there for dinner recently, and while it isn’t cheap, I’ve about decided they are now the best restaurant in Alpharetta.

    Lee, I just looked at everyone’s feedback from TOA last year on your blog. I know Bite started from some guys who were caterers. Were they The Delightful Biteful? I wondered because that’s who you said won the people’s choice last year, but they aren’t at the event this year.

  2. jim gilivn May 2, 2014 at 2:27 pm #

    Can’t believe you didn’t mention Alpine Bakery. Last year I stopped by to get my dessert there first because they always run out of cake before I finish sampling main courses. Best cake in town.

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