Alpharetta Restaurant & Retail News – April 2012

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I’m happy to report on a few new retailers opening shop in downtown Alpharetta. I hope to see this trend continue as Alpharetta moves forward with their downtown plans.

Pollo Tropical – Haynes Bridge

Last month we talked about this Caribbean chain and their plans to open in Johns Creek. Looks like they also have their eye on Alpharetta. They’ve approached the city about opening on the corner of Haynes Bridge and North Point Drive. This would be at the entrance to the mall right next to the proposed new Chipotle I also reported on last month.

Kabab & Wraps – Milton

These guys are building out in a strip mall on the corner of Webb and Morris Roads in Milton. This space has been home to several small restaurants of various international flavors (extra credit if you can name them all). Kabab & Wraps promises Indian/Pakistani cuisine featuring Halal/Zabihah meats. They’re on Facebook and Twitter @KababNWraps.

Pizza Vito – Closed

I wasn’t a huge fan of this small pizzeria in Crabapple. Seemed the owner lived out of the area and wanted to sell. He’s done just that as Pizza Vito is being transformed into…

Romeo’s NY Pizza – Crabapple

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? This Johns Creek pizzeria is expanding fast. They’ve got a Lawrenceville store now. This Crabapple location is next followed by Canton and Emory. I’ve never tried a pie here. Are they any good?

Mirko Pasta – Johns Creek

This pasta chain is also expanding rapidly through franchising. They plan to open what will be their largest store yet near State Bridge and Medlock Bridge. If you like Figo Pasta on North Point then you’ll probably like Mirko. Their founder is a Figo alum.

Blind Murphy Craft Beer Market – Downtown

Alpharetta made big news this month in passing a growler ordinance. Blind Murphy is poised to become the first Alpharetta store to offer the jugs of brew. Look for them building out at 52 South Main Street in downtown Alpharetta. Check them out on Facebook and twitter @BlindMurphyBeer.

One Star Ranch – Demolished

Their former location at 732 North Main Street in Alpharetta was demolished this week. While I most certainly didn’t like One Star’s barbecue , I secretly wished a dive bar/restaurant would emerge here. Ain’t gonna happen.

Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse

They quietly opened this week on Old Milton Parkway. It will take a great deal of willpower on my part not to write a review of this place in verse.

Restaurants Coming Soon

Alfresco - Pizzeria on Main Street and Old Milton.
Meat and Potatoes Kitchen & Bar - Johns Creek in the old Rio Bravo/Star Diner space.
The Velvet Note - Tiny food and music venue coming soon to Old Milton.
Joe’s NY Pizzeria - In the planning stages for 1605 Mansell Road.
Pollo Tropical - Coming soon to Medlock Center in Johns Creek.
Uncle Madio’s Pizza - Windward Parkway where K Cafe used to be. Still no signs of life in this space though.
Tassa Carribean Express - Their request of the city was approved. Look for them on Old Milton Parkway.
Chipotle - Coming soon to Haynes Bridge between the mall and GA400.

Someone call Jere Wood. Nordstrom sells bowties!

Retail News

Nordstrom Rack – North Point

They opened yesterday following a well-orchestrated social media campaign. Look for them where Linens-n-Things used to be on North Point near Target.

I tried out the store this week and was impressed with the friendly staff. I also like their use of technology. Rack employees can checkout your purchase anywhere in the store using iPhones. Zap a few bar codes, swipe a credit card and you’re outta there. A receipt will appear seconds later in your email. Follow them on twitter @Alpharetta_Rack.

Goodwill – McFarland

If Nordstrom is out of your price range, check out the massive new Goodwill thrift store on McFarland. They opened this week next to the RBM of Atlanta Mercedes dealership.

Karen’s Fabrics – Downtown

They’ve been open for a little bit but they celebrated their grand opening this month. They’re at 23 South Main in the heart of downtown Alpharetta. Check them on social media – Facebook and Twitter @KarensFabrics.

Dress Up Boutique – Windward

Alpharetta is the fifth location for this women’s boutique started in Dahlonega. They opened exactly one week ago on Windward near LA Fitness. Here’s their Facebook profile.

Retail Coming Soon

Northpoint Mall Theater - Still no word on this new theater. Will they ever build it?
Cutters Cigar Emporium - Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em! Coming soon to Windward next to Qdoba.
Walmart Neighborhood Market - A new grocery-only version of Walmart to open at 11770 Haynes Bridge Road behind Alpha Soda.

Disclosure: I received free merchandise from Nordstrom Rack during a promotion. My disclosure policy can be found on my about page. It exceeds that of even the City of Alpharetta!

8 Responses to “Alpharetta Restaurant & Retail News – April 2012”

  1. JB April 20, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    We saw the silt fence going up around One Star last week and wondered. So anyone have any idea who or what is being planned now that the whole corner is open for development?

  2. Lee April 20, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    The owner of this parcel also owns the L-shaped lot that surrounded the One Star building. Together it is a decent sized piece of land. I heard a rumor that it might become an assisted living facility.

  3. JB April 20, 2012 at 10:07 am #

    In addition to the one going in across Vaughn from the ranch condos?

  4. SCSA April 20, 2012 at 11:55 am #

    As of yesterday the one star building is still there but they are messing around with the back of it and all that land is cleared.
    Any word on Construct a Burger? Every day that goes by with no news makes my stomach sad.
    I’m hitting the Goodwill today (crazy I know). My wife went yesterday and couldn’t find a parking space. She waited for 15 minutes to check out. Geez.

  5. SCSA April 20, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    And that kabab and wrap place? That location is so far off the beaten path, how can such a niche place make it? All there is is a gas station a subway and I think a nail place. The Chicago eats place left for greener pastures on hwy 9. There was/is a sushi place. My favorite one was the Yeti express. Great name never tried it. I pass by there every day on my commute.

  6. JoshR April 20, 2012 at 11:48 pm #

    You definitely need to try Romeo’s, it is my second favorite pizza in Atlanta (behind Antico). Slices are good, but order a fresh whole pizza to get full effect. Salads are good too, haven’t tried anything else. The owner, his wife and daughter used to be in there all the time, very nice people. Sounds like they are busy with new restaurants now though.

  7. Kim April 21, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

    Your Disclosure is so true!

  8. JB April 25, 2012 at 8:51 am #

    One Star is now gone. Saw them finishing up on Sat.

    Tried Alfresco last night and they are very good pizza. Good crust and the cheese is very fresh. They do need to lose the pizza stands they serve the pie on. I see pizza on floor in many futures.

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