North Fulton’s best newspaper writers

I try hard to promote other local bloggers that create valuable content. You can find a few on the right in my blogroll. Somehow I’ve managed to forget some exceptional local writers who work in more traditional journalistic roles. If you’re not reading these guys and gals, you should be!

Joan Durbin

Joan writes for the Neighbor Newspapers. It’s her restaurant reviews, written in a column called “Dining Destinations”, that stand out to me. She’s easily the best food writer in north Fulton. Writing about food may seem like, um, a piece of cake. In fact it can be pretty difficult to put into words the taste, smell and texture of a dish. Joan does this in a way that places you in the seat right next to her.

She wrote one of the first legitimate reviews of Bite in Alpharetta right after they opened – and it was a good one. I also appreciate her frankness in a review of Scratch Fresh. She was delicately critical of a popular locals joint.

Ray Appen

I don’t agree with Ray Appen on every issue, but you’ve got to respect him for his longevity in Alpharetta. He’s published Alpharetta’s weekly newspaper, the Revue & News, for 29 years. Needless to say, a lot has changed in Alpharetta in that span of time. His little paper has covered it all. I appreciate his opinion and perspective.

My favorite recent column from Ray was his father’s day story from last year. It’s an amazingly vivid and almost surreal account of a traffic accident he observed with his son.

Randy Wyles

He’s got an amazing background as both a private investigator as well as journalism. Wyles has mastered all media from television to radio and print. I’ve enjoyed his recent online work at and the Johns Creek Patch. His article on teen-aged daughters and their boyfriends is hysterical.

a.e. mayer

Ok, this is a but of a stretch, but maybe not. She used to be a journalist, is that good enough? Mayer makes this list because she’s just too darn cool. I have one initial in my writing name – she’s got two… in all lowercase. Double cool.

Mayer writers a very witty blog that doesn’t get enough attention. She’s also written a book called Temp: An Accidental Fairytale. I’ve been told it’s a fantasy story about cubicle dwellers in a fairytale setting. I’ve promised to read and review the book. I haven’t forgotten about you a.e!

2 Responses to “North Fulton’s best newspaper writers”

  1. Cool Papa Bell January 18, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    L-O-V-E that Joan Durbin! Kudos to her on the Bite discovery. But I agree she is the best writer in these parts far and away.

  2. a.e. mayer January 18, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    S. Lee Guy, you’re the best! :) Nothing is better than having a great writer put you in their “best of” blog. This makes my week! Cheers.

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