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Alpharetta and Milton are conducting a study on the future of the Highway 9 corridor. The study is paid for by a $100,000 grant awarded to the cities by the Atlanta Regional Commission under their Livable Centers Initiative (LCI).

The area under study is Highway 9 from Mayfield Road north to Bethany Bend. It also includes Windward Parkway from Highway 9 to GA-400 as well as Deerfield/Morris/Webb Road areas.

A sample pic from the survey. Doesn't this place look familiar?

Part of the grant pays for a survey which was put together by the consulting firm Urban Collage. How does it work? The consultant is attempting to understand visual preferences for development in the area. First they divide the corridor into two “character areas” – Highway 9 and Windward/Deerfield. Next you’ll see pictures of stores, strip malls, office parks, and green space. You’ll be asked to rate each picture based on how appropriate you think it might be for the character area.

My biggest problem with the survey was lumping Windward together with Deerfield Parkway and Webb/Morris roads into one character area. These are three distinct areas with different characteristics. It was sometimes difficult for me to judge a building on appropriateness in this area. What is good for Windward may not be right for the north end of Deerfield Parkway.

Nevertheless, if you’re like me you spend a lot of time in this part of Alpharetta and Milton. The survey is worth a few minutes of your time. I encourage you to take it by going to this link:


On Monday I’ll write a followup to this article with thoughts on developing Milton’s business corridor.


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  1. Kim December 10, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Survey could be improved if you could see and compare all options before having to assign a value to it.

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