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Before blogging I used to write reviews on And over on yelp they have an expression for a two-star review… “Meh. I’ve experienced better.” I keep coming back to this when I reflect on my dining experiences at Azul Agave. But let’s back up a moment.

Azul Agave opened on Old Milton Parkway a few months ago after a long buildout. I regret that I’ve never dined with this building’s past occupants. Had I done so I might have been prepared for the magnificent decor of this restaurant. Outside a small bridge spans a waterfall. Inside it’s spacious with beautiful stacked stone features and blue accents. I’m hard pressed to think of other Alpharetta-area restaurants that rival Azul Agave in looks and decor.

Unfortunately the same creativity and attention to detail that went into Azul’s decor didn’t go into their menu. It’s boringly divided into sections like fajitas, tacos and quesadillas. I meandered my way through its options, searching for something I couldn’t eat at El Azteca or La Parrilla. Nothing jumped out at me.

I settled on some fish tacos, which can be a good litmus test for a joint like this. The fish was a little dry and needed some help from a creamy sauce drizzled on top. The cole slaw was crisp and pretty good but no other toppings were available to provide a flavor boost. These tacos were, at best, a smidge past mediocre.

My wife ordered a steak quesadilla and found it to be on the greasy side. She wound up deconstructing it to salvage some morsels of meaty steak. Side items like black beans are just okay but lack depth or robustness.

In the end, I found the food at Azul Agave to be ordinary and lacking of creativity. They’ve got amazing decor and good service working in their favor. But even the hip and contemporary china can’t save the food resting upon it. Meh, I’ve experienced better.


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  1. Robert:

    Agreed! The curse of this space is the expectations the decor presents. So far no one has been able to present a menu and quality one expects upon walking in.
    On another sad note, our waiter obviously had not worked in a Mexican restaurant before, or perhaps not any restaurant before.
    I do not like to be so negative, however…..

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