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Everyday 100,000 people commute to Alpharetta to occupy our cubicles. And it may be hard to believe but not all of them go out for lunch each day. It may seem like 100,000 cars are on Windward at noon (it’s actually more like 90,000). Thousands of poor cubicle dwellers suffer through a quick but mediocre lunch at an office cafeteria or they brown bag it.

This is the great untapped market for lunch in Alpharetta. And it is this niche that food trucks could fill in Alpharetta. So you might understand why I was thrilled to learn of Tex’s Tacos recent visit to Alpharetta. A visit from a food truck almost never happens in Alpharetta. Atlanta’s food truck scene is exploding with popularity and growth and I want our little burb to get a piece of the action! I hyped Tex’s visit on twitter as best I could and was one of the first to arrive during Tuesday’s lunch hour.

Tex’s Tacos describe themselves as “Nueva Texicana”, a fresh yet traditional take on Tex-Mex cuisine. Their menu features pork, chicken and beef offered in both tacos and quesadillas.  I first tried their pastor de puerco taco. This is roast pork with chilies served with pineapples, cilantro and grilled onions. The pork was tender and flavorful. The chilies and cilantro provided a nice contrast to the sweet pineapple. I devoured this taco.

Next came the carne asada taco, which felt a little more traditional to me. The menu says the beef is “citrus-splashed” but I didn’t taste it. It wasn’t quite as tender as I would have liked, but was alright. The smear of guacamole was creamy and delicious but wasn’t enough to save this taco. I enjoyed the pork far more.

Their menu also has a barbecue pork taco made with Q from LowCounty BBQ. This is a catering outfit with roots in this area. I regret not trying it.

As for side items… don’t miss their lime fries. This is a simple but generous helping of perfectly cooked french fries. They are covered in a mix of lime zest, sugar and salt that is strangely addictive. They also use this on their chips and salsa. It’s the kind of flavor that you either love or hate. I loved it.

I hope this review encourages Tex’s Tacos and other food trucks to give Alpharetta a try. These guys pulled right up to the front door of a five story cubicle farm and did a pretty good business. When I left I counted 25 people in line waiting to order. We’re hungry for food trucks up here in Alpharetta! Please make that drive up GA-400 for us!
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  1. Lori April 2, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Are there ANY food trucks in Roswell/Alpharetta?? We are opening a new high end apt community, AMLI North Point and I would love to have one stop in front of it for added exposure, plus I think food trucks are delis and would love to have more in alpharetta!

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