Park Glenn home invasion and lack of media coverage

On Wednesday evening at 8:00pm, the night before Thanksgiving, an armed home invasion occurred in the Park Glenn subdivision near Webb Bridge Middle School. Fox 5 in Atlanta first broke the story on Thanksgiving Day. Next came Bob Pepalis with the Alpharetta Patch who wrote a story on Friday interviewing neighbors. If you are a concerned resident and want more information on this violent crime, you’re out of luck. Even six days after the crime, no other media outlets have covered this story. Absolutely none.

It stands in stark contrast to a similar home invasion which occurred on September 15th in the Glen Abbey area of Alpharetta. Stories of this home invasion were all over the papers and television.

I’m sure newsrooms were thinly staffed on Thanksgiving. Friday was a different matter. Reporters were camped out at North Point Mall reporting on Black Friday shopping nonsense. Meanwhile a vitally important story continued to go unreported.

I’m thankful that no one was hurt during this crime. I’m also thankful for the Alpharetta public safety officers who worked this case and were away from their families while doing so.

I write this post in an effort to bring a bit more attention to the story and to hold the media accountable. I’m very disappointed in their inaction. I also think it is worth mentioning that Alpharetta is still a very safe city. It may not seem or feel that way given recent developments. I hope to have more to say about this and home invasions in general in future posts.

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