Lame Duck council to approve 2030 Plan

Tonight Alpharetta’s City Council will consider the 2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This important act will likely get overshadowed by another item higher up on the agenda – an update on Westside Parkway. I anticipate the city to go public with plans for opening the road, which is a great thing. However, it will divert attention away from the approval of this unfortunate land use plan.

The city should postpone the vote on this plan until January for the following reasons…

  • Nearly half the current council members are lame ducks. Mayor Letchas will not return due to term limits. Jim Paine lost his bid to become mayor and Cheryl Oakes was soundly defeated. It isn’t proper for those leaving office to cast such a vote with its longterm implications.
  • The 2030 Plan was a campaign issue! It was brought up in most or all of the candidate forums. The voters considered this issue when selecting candidates. Allow the new council members and mayor to be seated and have the influence the voters wanted!
  • David Belle Isle and Jim Gilvin campaigned on issues of density and urbanization and were elected. This plan reclassifies hundreds of acres of land in such a way as to add many more condos.

The city should table this plan until January 2012 and allow David Belle Isle, Jim Gilvin and Michael Cross to assume their roles on the council.

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  1. Mike:


    One problem with further delay is that the city is already past the state submission deadline of October 31st. We cannot delay another 30 days for the new council to be sworn in and weeks and months beyond that for the new council and mayor to get up to speed. To do so would potentially jeopardize hundreds of thousands of dollars in state funds. The Comprehensive Plan development process is a 12 to 18 month public process with numerous open houses and plenty of opportunity for public comment in person and online. Also, the Comprehensive Plan considered tonight can be amended by the new council and mayor at any time.

    Many of the issues regarding rensity and urbanization raised in the recent campaign and the recent WHI survey will be reflected in the 2030 Plan that is considered tonight.

    Mike Kennedy

  2. Kim:

    There was also a survey that went out to Windward and the Garden District eliciting nearly 600 responses that also echo the desire to preserve the existing character of Alpharetta.

    We will see who wins… Alpharetta citizens or ARC?

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