Alpharetta/Milton Election Results

Last night’s election results were somewhat predictable with a few nail biters to keep things interesting. I tried my best to keep my personal opinions out of print during the campaign and think I was successful. Now that it’s all over, here’s my thoughts…

Cross and Mitchell

No surprise here at all. Ron Carter ran a weak campaign and tried to claim credit for the Westside Parkway/GA-9 reroute idea. In the end, he drew fewer votes than even Hans Appen.

As far as Appen, he was up against a very serious candidate in Michael Cross. I give Hans credit for giving it the old college try (no pun intended). I hope he stays active in local politics. He has some credible ideas to bring to the table. I thought Cross’ late-inning direct mail piece against Appen was unfortunate and certainly wasn’t necessary.

Mayor’s Race

I knew DeRito would finish third, I just figured he would have at least broken 20%. But congratulations to David Belle Isle! I would have put money on Paine to win this race given his deep roots and convincing victory over John Monson not long ago. It makes you wonder if Mayor Letchas’ direct mail piece might have backfired. In the end, I hope Belle Isle’s pledge to limit density was sincere. This blogger will hold him to it!

Jimmy Gilvin

It’s no secret that Jimmy and I agree on a lot. I like the idea of him being on Council because it provides balance. Most city and county governments in the suburbs have a mix of business and homeowner interests in politics. I don’t believe Alpharetta followed that model – until now.

Cheryl Oakes’ campaign followed a strategy that I like to call the reverse attack. Late in the game she claimed to be the victim of negative campaigning and smear attacks. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Gilvin only challenged her on issues, pressing her after misstating that she didn’t vote on Windward Mill (in fact she voted for it).

Ticketgate and the Paul Oakes incident were certainly distractions to her campaign. It’s ludicrous to think that Gilvin’s campaign had anything to do with these issues. I reported on the Paul Oakes incident (without commentary) and researched the accuser as best I could. I found nothing that would link her to Alpharetta politics. She’s just a mom who seems to be really ticked off and is willing to do something about it. That’s my take anyway. To suggest that Gilvin or his supporters could influence the AJC/WSB newsroom is to give them way too much credit.


I’m surprised incumbents Alan Tart and Julie Zahner Bailey were defeated. Milton voters usually have a nose for sniffing out business and developer interests in their elections. At the same time, if Alpharetta needs homeowner interests in politics, Milton may need to go the other way. Their tax base is indeed tilted too far towards homeowners. They need to expand the business base, I just don’t think Lance Large and Matt Kunz are the best choices to do that.

In the end… Folks are ready for the robocalls to be over and the campaign signs to disappear. I’m ready to write about something other than politics for a change!

Photo Credit: The Suss-Man (Mike) (creative commons)

3 Responses to “Alpharetta/Milton Election Results”

  1. Cj November 9, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Did downtown redevelopment pass?

  2. Travis Allen November 10, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    Is there not a run-off election if no candidate receives at least 50% of the votes?

  3. Lee November 10, 2011 at 7:44 am #

    The downtown bonds, ESPLOST and Sunday Sales all passed easily.

    Alpharetta city elections have no runoff. Only a plurality is required. I think this needs to be changed because it discourages people from running and limits the choices voters have.

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