Alpharetta Restaurant News – November 2011

Every Friday Roots in Alpharetta features an article on food and dining in a series called Foodie Friday.

The best way to learn of new restaurants is to write a column about new restaurants. Inevitably I miss several that are quickly brought to my attention. So allow me a second Alpharetta Restaurant News column for this month. There’s a lot to keep up with.

Alfresco  – Main Street, Alpharetta

Look for these guys in mid-January at 131 South Main Street. They will have the end cap of the stripmall at the northwest corner of Main and Old Milton. I don’t know a lot about them at this point except they will have pizza and pasta. Their tagline will be “Love at first bite.”

Cafe Efendi – New Location

Thanks to blog reader Jimmy for this tip. It also served as a reminder that I don’t monitor Facebook as often as I should.

You’ll remember Cafe Efendi as the Mediterranean restaurant in the old house at 37 Roswell Street in downtown Alpharetta. They closed earlier this year and La Casa Italian is in this space now.

The Efendi folks mentioned on their Facebook wall that they have recently signed a lease. At one point they were looking at the space Alfresco just snagged. Instead they will occupy the old Durty Kelly’s space at 488 North Main Street in Alpharetta. This should be a cool location for Cafe Efendi. I expect they should do well once their loyal following returns.

Woody’s BBQ – Closed

A poor location and horrendously bad barbecue did this place in. I’m surprised it took this long.

Boga Taqueria – Soft Opening

Boga is in a soft opening period right now. I don’t like to say too much when a restaurant is in this phase but I’ll bend the rule somewhat. They’re going for a hip vibe with modern and minimalist decor. Menu has tacos, tortas, a few burritos and no Speedy Gonzalez! That alone is worth a visit or two.

Pampas Steakhouse – Open for Lunch

Starting next week this steakhouse in Johns Creek will offer lunch hours. If you’ve got a hankering for a cinderblock-sized piece of meat in the middle of the day, Pampas is your place.

Old Mama’s Taqueria – South Main Street

I hesitate to mention this as my information at this point is shaky at best. But I believe someone has plans to open in the tiny little building that used to house Mama’s Taqueria on South Main in Alpharetta. I don’t even know a name at this point.

Coming Soon

Dulce Chocolat - Gourmet chocolate shop coming to Old Milton Parkway.
Twisted Taco Express – Windward and North Point next to Wildflour.
Saigon Café – Windward next to Smashburger.
El Molcajete Mexican - Coming soon to the old Zola Bistro location on Highway 9 in Milton.
Boga Taqueria - Highway 9 in Milton across from Walmart.


3 Responses to “Alpharetta Restaurant News – November 2011”

  1. SCSA November 25, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    Construct A Burger has apparently closed. It has been dark the last few days I’ve gone by. Looked into the space tonight and it has been cleared out. A shame. Very good burger.

  2. SCSA November 26, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    I wanted to let you know that Construct A Burger is gone. I looked into the building last night, and it was cleared out. Very sad. Best burger I’ve ever had.

  3. Travis Allen November 27, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    Sent you an e-mail regarding the old Mama’s Taqueria location…

    It will be a German Bakery potentially called “Bread Time”

    Hope it does well, I haven’t been to that place since the mid 80′s when it was a Burger Inn! There is still a Burger Inn on Canton Hwy near Hwy 92.

    Pretty good burgers if the trip back to 1985 letter board menu and lack of decor doesn’t scare you off.

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