The “Wacky World” Incident – Paul Oakes

On Tuesday WSB-TV broke a story involving an incident at the Wacky World portion of Wills Park. A woman alleges that a man yelled at her four year old child, yanked at a swing and caused her to fall to the ground.

What the WSB article didn’t mention was the name of the alleged¬†assailant, Paul Oakes. Oakes is the husband of Alpharetta City Councilwoman Cheryl Oakes. Both Cheryl and Paul Oakes sit on the board of the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation, according to that charity’s website.

According to George Gordon with the Alpharetta Public Service Department, the victim’s mother chose not to press charges at the time the police report was filed. However, she has since been in contact with Alpharetta police and expressed a desire to have charges brought. No charges have been filed at this time and police refuse to answer additional questions, citing an ongoing investigation.

This blogger has obtained copies of the incident report from the Alpharetta Police Department via an open records request. A PDF of the full report can be downloaded from this link.

The narrative of that report is reprinted here in its entirety…


I met a Christole Abdelmaseh at the Alpharetta Police Department. Abdelmaseh wanted to discuss an incident that she said occurred at the Wacky World section of Wills Park, 11925 Wills RD in the City of Alpharetta on 10/15/2011. Abdelmaseh explained that at approximately 1800 hrs 10/15/2011 she was at the park with her three children, ages 10 mos, 3 yrs and 4 yrs respectively. Christole explained that she turned away from her daughter briefly and was helping her son up some steps when she heard the loud voice of a man yelling. Abdelmaseh turned to see that her 4 year old daughter was on a swing, laying on her belly across the seat portion of the swing. Abdelmaseh said that she then saw the man who was yelling lift the swing up in the air with her daughter still in it. Abdelmaseh said her daughter was trying to hold onto the chains of the swing when the man yanked the swing downward causing the child to fall onto the ground, striking her back and head. Abdelmaseh said she ran to her child and confronted the man. Abdelmaseh said the man told her that his granddaughter wanted the swing, and that Abdelmaseh’s daughter wouldn’t get off the swing. Abdelmaseh said that she told the man that he should have found the child’s parent before he dumped her off the swing.

Abdelmaseh said that she summoned police to respond to the park and was met by two Alpharetta Police officers. Abdelmaseh said that the two officers spoke to the man, but did not find any independent witnesses to what occurred. Abdelmaseh said that she then gathered her children to leave the park because she and her daughter were very upset. Abdelmaseh said that is when a man approached her and said “You know who that is, right?” Abdelmaseh responded that she did not. The man told Abdelmaseh that the man was “Paul Oakes, Cheryl Oakes’ husband”, and then told her “look him up.” Abdelmaseh said that when she got home she used Google and found images of “Paul Oakes”. Abdelmaseh claimed that the images were of the same man that pushed her daughter out of the swing at the park.

Abdelmaseh said that her daughter has no visible injuries to document, but was very frightened by the man yelling at her at the park. Abdelmaseh said that her daughter has been very upset and woke up crying multiple times throughout the night. Abdelmaseh asked for documentation of this incident. She provided a written statement, which was placed in the records inbox. Abdelmaseh did not bring her daughter with her to the police station so I was not able to observe or speak to her. I did not speak to Paul Oakes. I gave Abdelmaseh a business card with my contact information on it as well as the incident number 1110-0323.

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