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Get your Rolaids ready and call Adam Richman, it’s time to talk competitive eating!

I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time but have held off. I’m disappointed this area doesn’t have more such contests, especially considering how popular competitive eating is on television. Nevertheless, here are four challenges sure to bust your gut. If you know of any I’ve missed, please let me know! My wife has forbidden me from attempting any of these challenges. She need not worry as they are all too daunting, even for this portly gastronome.

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts – Independence Day Doughnut Eating Competition

2010 Dutch Monkey Doughnut Contest

I learned a new term after reading the rules of this event: “Roman Incident”. The folks at Dutch Monkey posted an Urban Dictionary link to the definition (be very afraid of any term defined on this site). Here’s the definition. It’s probably a term you should know while reading this article. Nevertheless, having a Roman incident will immediately disqualify you from this contest.

And what a contest it is. This will be DMD’s second year hosting the Independence Day event. Here’s how it works. Only a handful of contestants are chosen (you have to apply). They are each given a dozen doughnuts which must be eaten in fifteen minutes. Last year the doughnuts were their raised glazed variety. This year they are only mini buttermilk cake doughnuts. But don’t let the small size fool you, cake doughnuts are dense.

The winner will receive a trophy, $50 gift card and their picture on the wall. The contest will be on Sunday July 3rd at 1:00. It ought to be fun to watch (barring a Roman incident of course). There are also contests for kids.

Dutch Monkey Doughnuts is in south Forsyth at 3075 Ronald Reagan Blvd.

Scoops – The Kitchen Sink

Eight scoops of ice cream, bananas, nearly every topping available and a lot of whipped cream. That’s how the kitchen sink weighs in, all packed into a bowl shaped like a sink. Only two people have ever finished this beast of a sundae in the required 45 minutes. Doing so earns you a t-shirt, your picture on the wall and a 50% discount on the sundae (yeah, you still have to pay for it). But if you don’t finish, you’d better be ready to fork over nearly 50 bucks. Ouch!

On my last visit to Scoops I watched two high school kids each attempt the kitchen sink. They got about half way through before it hit them. Don’t underestimate what this much dairy will do in your belly. Of all the challenges in this article, I believe this one to be the most difficult.

Scoops is located in Crabapple at 12670 Crabapple Road.

Erwoods – Double Dog Dare

Six feet of hot dog. It’s basically two of their three foot “yard dogs” positioned end-to-end. As of this writing there isn’t really a contest to eat these. You don’t earn anything by finishing it (other than perhaps a terrible case of heart burn). But I understand that something may be in the works soon. Erwoods also has a monster burger on the menu, weighing in at 1.5 pounds.

Erwoods Kitchen and Keg is located in Crabapple at 12635 Crabapple Road.

Chepe’s – Monster Burrito

It’s described simply as having “mucho beef, mucho Mexican rice and mucho Mexican beans” all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Chepe’s is among my least favorite Mexican joints. I have absolutely no desire to ingest mucho anything from this place. Maybe you do. If so, consuming their monster burrito will earn you a free Chepe’s t-shirt… and my condolences.

Chepe’s Mexican Grill has two south Forsyth locations and two in Marietta.

Photo Credit: Dutch Monkey Doughnuts, used with permission.

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