Number of the Month – MARTA Expansion Costs

Around the first of the month I publish the number of the month, a random bit of local trivia.

$150 Million

The cost, per mile, to extend MARTA’s heavy rail north line. To go the eleven miles from North Springs to Windward Parkway would cost approximately $1.6 Billion. Source: MARTA North Line Transit Oriented Development Study.

Light rail was estimated to cost between $40 and $100 Million per mile. Also keep in mind that these estimates were given five years ago. Just something to consider. I can’t wait for the day when politicians and policy makers attempt to justify this outrageous cost.

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  1. Kim:

    …PLUS the operating costs which go on forever.

    A fantastic education for the public would be to calculate cost per household and have everyone send in their checks directly instead of nickling and diming us to death in local sales taxes and existing MARTA taxes and tolls and….

    Taxed Enough Already!

  2. Greg:

    That’s the biggest reason I say you shouldn’t get so worked up about the prospects of Marta coming up 400: It’s not going to happen anytime in the next couple of decades, at the earliest.

  3. Lee:

    Greg, I posted this on Sunday because it was timely information. Monday’s City Council meeting had an agenda item to consider Brandon Beach’s light rail proposal for Alpharetta. Additionally, the regional transportation sales tax currently being considered has the ability to generate billions of dollars from bond proceeds. This could fund rail expansion… in the next couple of years not decades.

    So yes, I keep hearing the “not gonna happen anytime soon” line. I’m not so sure.

  4. Greg:

    Lee, I’d be willing to bet you on it. The only problem is how long it would take to get a payout.

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