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I had to use google for this review. Yeah, I didn’t know how to write in superscript in html. Now I do (it is the sup tag). That’s valuable information because now I can write thai2 the way this restaurant owner intended. I suppose you could write “thai squared” as you would speak. Either way, the name is curious. Thai multiplied by itself? What’s that mean?

I guess it is just hip. This brand new restaurant certainly has a trendy, almost urban vibe to it. They built out the old Logan Farms location on Windward, next door to the Original Pancake House. They didn’t make dramatic changes except to give the space a feel of minimalist decor. It almost reminds me of…

Tin Drum

I’m afraid I’m going to have to make this comparison a few times. It’s a terrible thing to compare a new, non-chain restaurant to this metro Atlanta chain. But so much seems the same. The decor is certainly there. You also order at the counter, like so many fast casual chain restaurants. But unlike Tin Drum, the service at thai2 is quick and very friendly. And also unlike Tin Drum, their menu is all Thai food.

So let’s get to the food. The menu features several different curries, noodle standards like pad thai and soups such as lemon grass and coconut milk. I settled on the panang curry. It lacked some spice (the menu showed one little pepper next to it) but the coconut milk flavor was terrific. It was far better than the same entree at Tin Drum (there I go again). I liked that it came with a spring roll.

I was amazed at how fast the food arrived. Is it possible for a kitchen to be too fast? Maybe these guys have some kind of amazing southeast Asian ESP and knew ahead of time what I would order. Or perhaps they ladled my curry goop and served it up lickety split. Either way, they need to chill out and let me think they are busy making my lunch.

So my first impression was overall positive. Thai food is something I always enjoy yet I don’t profess to be an expert on the cuisine. thai2 has a close competitor, Nahm, less than a mile down Windward. How do they stack up? Nahm is by far a more elegant restaurant with similar prices. However I think you can get in and out of thai2 quicker and they have the potential for cubicle dweller foot traffic. I believe it possible for both restaurants to thrive.

In the meantime, give them a shot! They are currently offering a buy one get one free promotion if you bring someone else. They call it “friends with benefits”. I also googled this term and came up with something completely different. Don’t get your hopes up!

thai2 is located at 5530 Windward Parkway in suite 140A. Their website is

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  1. Kim April 29, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    Just saw this restaurant the other day while I was at Schakolad doing the Easter thing.

    Not into Thai, but have you considered a “Lunch at Schakolad” piece? That’s much more my style. ;-)

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