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People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.

-Rogers Hornsby

The folks at Legends Deli peppered their Facebook page with sports quotes like this during their recent buildout. It was a neat way to use social media to build some anticipation for this new little restaurant. They’ve been open for about two weeks now in the old Bada Bing Wings location. They’re a bit tough to find if you don’t know this strip mall. Look for them on McGinnis Ferry Road east of Windward next to the big gymnastics place.

My first impression on decor was a bit of a letdown, especially after reading all these wonderful sports quotes. The walls are painted a dark red color with nothing on them at the moment. I guess I remember the cheesy Sopranos decor from the previous tenant too much and expected a lot of sports bling. I’d imagine decor is a work in progress.

But let’s talk food! The menu features manly sandwiches, a theme I’m seeing more and more of these days. You’ll find stuff like Philly cheesesteaks with provolone, burgers, a reuben, deli selections with Boar’s Head meats and even Italian-style sandwiches like chicken parm. They also serve breakfast all day. I enjoyed seeing a breakfast item called “The Doctor’s Visit.” It features two eggs, bacon, Taylor ham, sausage and cheese. My LDL level jumped 5 points just reading this.

I’ve tried the cheesesteak. The meat is tender and juicy, the bread fresh and the portion generous. I thought the peppers and onions lacked something and were on the bland side. I ended up adding salt and pepper… a lot actually.

As far as sides go… The french fries are fresh cut and thick but a little undercooked. I didn’t care for the potato salad at all. I suppose you might call it rustic, with large hunks of red potatoes and just a tiny bit of mayo holding it together. And like the fries, these spuds were also undercooked.

They have a handful of kids items that come with a large cookie. The two my kids took home were rock hard. That didn’t seem to phase my little cookie monsters though.

Overall I think Legend’s is a cool little family-run joint. There’s enough stuff on the menu to bring me back a time or two. I’d imagine they’ll work through a few more kinks before hitting their stride. They don’t seem to be hurting for business at this point. If you go, watch the hours of this place. They are open for breakfast and lunch but often close halfway through dinner time (about 6:00). That’s deep sixed a few attempts I’ve had to try this place.


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