Faith, Reloville and Committee Meetings

This year I started a term on my church’s session. We’re Presbyterians and in our tradition this body is sort of like a board of directors. At this point, two or three meetings into the year, I’m just getting my feet wet. It is amazing to see what goes on behind the scenes of a mid-sized congregation in Alpharetta. It’s a ton of hard work from a lot of folks, something I think most church goers don’t realize by just warming a pew.

I sometimes get distracted in our committee meetings? Why? It’s amazing how many issues come up that pertain to themes I blog about. I find myself jotting notes for future articles. It all makes sense I suppose. Congregations reflect the general community around them. Ours was formed and influenced by the factors that shaped a growing Alpharetta. In just three meetings we’ve discussed topics like relocated professionals, the local job market, showing hospitality to our neighbors and serving needy in the community. Sound familiar? See my category list to the right.

It’s an honor to serve my congregation, I hope I don’t disappoint. In the meantime, I’m positive this will generate some blog inspiration. I never thought writing on faith would interweave into my theme this much. Stay tuned.

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