Restuarant Loyalty Cards

Funny innuendo aside, I love this promotion. First, it is completely free to pull off make this happen. It only takes a twitter account. Second, when customers take advantage of this, they tell their followers on twitter. I didn’t tell any friends I was at Qdoba using their loyalty program. Third, it gives Element a way to track customers. They can circle back on twitter and count all the retweets or mentions. They could follow-up with customers on twitter to see if they enjoyed their experience. They could also maintain a list of customers on twitter that have used their specials. In short, it provides analytics and a means to communicate directly with customers. It costs absolutely nothing. And you can say “show your tweets” and giggle like a school boy.

Build Your Own App

There’s some price associated with this approach. How about develop your own iPhone or Android app for your store? If you want to cook a complicated points system into your loyalty program while maintaining smart phone coolness, then this is the way to go. You’re gonna have to find a smart phone developer and pay him handsomely. It’s an approach that’s not for the faint at heart, but could rank high on the awesomeness scale if pulled off the right way.

So to all you restaurant owners… understand that I have a loyalty program already in my pocket. It is just sitting there waiting for you to entice me. It’s also a tool I might use to give you free publicity. Use it!

Photo Credit: Jorge Quinteros

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  1. Ed Selby:

    You haven’t been to Element Coffee?? Shame on you! It is simply the best coffee in Alpharetta!

  2. Lee:

    I don’t get to Crabapple all that often. I need to try them though.

  3. Travis Allen:

    Ed, it would be the best coffee in Alpharetta, if it were in Alpharetta…but it’s probably the best coffee in Milton, althought I admit I’m not a coffee drinker.

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