Alpharetta Jobs – January 2011

Around the middle of each month I survey the career websites of Alpharetta’s largest employers. I count the number of openings and tally them up here, trending the numbers month to month.

The last month has been extraordinary for the Alpharetta job market. It was one announcement after another, each one getting more and more attention. First was electronic payment processor Global Payments. They are moving forward with plans to build a data center along Deerfield Parkway in Milton. This got almost no attention in the media. Next came HP’s plans to bring potentially a thousand jobs to their Alpharetta campus on Windward. At first this was only reported by the Atlanta Business Chronicle but was slowly picked up by the rest of the media. I believe my stats here may have predicted the announcement, as we were observing a spike in their job openings going back to October. I’m tremendously excited about the possibilities at HP.

Then came the announcement from Vesta and their plans to add 300 call center jobs. This got more attention than the HP announcement, even though their call center jobs pay peanuts… $9-$10 per hour. These types of jobs are trivial in my opinion. The employees can’t afford to live in Alpharetta, and probably not even in the surrounding areas.

And finally, the job announcement with the most sizzle of them all! ThyssenKrupp, a company I can’t pronounce, held a press conference with the Governor in Atlanta to announce they are moving IT operations to Alpharetta. That’ll be 110 jobs, not too shabby.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Macy’s. They recently announced plans to add 150 jobs to their IT operations on State Bridge Road in Johns Creek. I don’t give Johns Creek enough credit in this monthly jobs column. There are some large employers there including Ciba Vision, State Farm and Glenayre.

Largest Employers in Alpharetta - January 2011

Company Number of Jobs
McKesson 99
LexisNexis/Choicepoint 46
ADP 64
E-Trade 15
Equifax 22
AT&T 3
Verizon 3
Radiant 15
HP 96
Alcatel-Lucent 2
UPS 14
Siemens 47
Traveler's 13
T-SYS 19
Total 458

I’m going to make some minor changes to how I report these numbers month to month. It was my original intention to report on only Alpharetta’s largest employers. I started adding smaller companies which was skewing my numbers. I’ve decided to split them apart.

Let’s define a large employer in Alpharetta as one who occupies a corporate campus or a single large building. Most of the big telecoms in town have a campus arrangement, as does HP. Companies like Traveler’s Insurance and T-SYS  lease entire buildings. A few like ADP and HP have a handful of locations scattered around town.

Mid-Sized Employers in Alpharetta - January 2011

Company Number of Jobs
Research in Motion 24
Ciena 23
RedPrairie 20
Exide Technologies 10
Ryder 10
Phillips 9
Outcomes Health 8
New York Life 5
GXS/Inovis 5
Infor 3
Hanjin Shipping 3
Scientific Games 3
VeriFone 3
Farmer's Insurance 1
LaFarge 1
Crown Castle 0
Total 130

What I’ll call a mid-sized company is one that might lease an entire floor of a building, say tens of thousands of square feet. They potentially have hundreds of cubicle dwellers, not thousands. These are a little harder to track down so I’m sure I’ve missed a lot. If you know if any I’ve missed, shoot me an e-mail.

And speaking of e-mail, I’d love to hear from folks testing the job market in Alpharetta. What has been your experience sending resumes to companies on this list? Are you getting interviews? Drop me a line at

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