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In a hidden little spot in Alpharetta there exists The Spot, who’s burgers hit the spot and don’t cost a ten spot.

I’m trying to review some of Alpharetta’s lesser known restaurants. I hate to use the term “hidden gems” because the term is kinda hokey and some of these joints aren’t exactly gems. Nevertheless, there are several restaurants in town that are relatively unknown and thinly reviewed. I hope to expose a few to my readers. I started recently with The Corner Deli. Today I’ll talk about The Spot.

The Spot is a small family-owned burger joint on Devore Road. Where? Exactly! I didn’t know that street either. They are about a block off South Main, not really visible from the road. The building used to be a bagel joint. They still offer breakfast service with bagels, but the feature of the menu is…

The Hamburger

Gotta love the simplicity of it all. They take a ball of ground beef and smash it against a flattop with a spatula. It’s simple, like something you’d made at home. They also serve burgers on thick Texas toast. My only complaint is that my toast came out of a pop-up toaster. It would have been ten times better toasted on the flattop with some butter. But it was still a nice, simple burger like you’d make at home. The patty was juicy with a bit of singe, the toppings crisp. I ordered onion rings as my side. Pretty sure they were frozen rings but they were still cooked golden brown and delicious.

The menu offers a handful of “gourmet burgers”. Claiming that these things are gourmet is a bit of a stretch. Sure they’ve got a few burgers with unusual toppings like a Philly cheese steak or corned beef. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty good and a great value. But given the burger options these days, there’s far better to be had in the gourmet burger realm, even in Alpharetta. I’d rank their burger slightly behind that of Scratch Fresh in Milton but well ahead of Five Guys and the other franchises. The bread choice certainly gets them an honorable mention!

I also like that they have an ongoing competitive eating contest. It involves eating sliders… a lot of sliders in a short period of time. Oh, and after the clock finishes you have to sit there for a while and not blow chunks. It was, um, interesting to contemplate this while eating my burger. I couldn’t get that mental image out of my head; the thought of a big, burly guy eating 15 or 20 sliders then tossing cookies everywhere. So I passed on the challenge this time, but I’m still diggin’ it. I wish there were more contests like this in Alpharetta. Seriously.

All in all, I liked The Spot. Check their website and follow them on Twitter @TheSpot30009.  And keep an eye out for their daily specials, many of which are an exceptional value.

If you have any suggestions for my hidden restaurant series, leave me a comment, drop me an email at or catch me on Twitter @rootsalpharetta.
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  1. Larkemon December 3, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    I’ve been grabbing breakfast here for a while now…Egg and Cheese, salt and pepper on plain bagel toasted I don’t know how they make their bagels. They are softer than ones I’ve had elsewhere but still hold up very well. IMO this is a good thing for their breakfast sandwiches. Also, they have a jalapeno cream cheese that is very tasty. I’ve also had their burgers and agree that they are very good. I would say better than Scratch.


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